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A Journal for Jordan : Set for Christmas Release!!

A Journal for Jordan

A Journal for Jordan movie release date is December 25, 2021. The movie is based on the memoir A Journal for Jordan: A Story of Love and Honor by Dana Canedy. The plot of this movie is about a soldier who writes a journal for his infant son while he is stationed in Iraq. A Journal for Jordon cast includes Michael B. Jordan and Chante Adams. A trailer is released for the movie. It seems the movie will be an emotional one with elements of love and romance. The movie is based on a true story. So, it will be great to watch a realistic movie this Christmas. We might also get an insight into the family life of a soldier.

When does A Journal for Jordan movie theatrically release?

A Journal for Jordan’s release date is scheduled to be released on December 25, 2021. The movie will be released by Sony Pictures Releasing. A movie will always have its own charm and emotional touch. So I recommend watching this movie this Christmas.

A Journal for Jordan' trailer: Michael B. Jordan gets romantic

The cast for A Journal for Jordan movie

  • Michael B. Jordan as Charles Monroe King
  • Chante Adams  as Dana Canedy
  • Robert Wisdom
  • Johnny M. Wu
  • Jalon Christian
  • Tamara Tunie

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What is the plot of the movie?

Sergeant Charles Monroe King is stationed in Iraq. During his duty in the Middle- East, he writes a journal for his infant son. The Journal reflects his words of wisdom and his advice for his son to live a proper life. He also wants his son to be prepared to live without his father. Unfortunately, Jordan is killed one month before completing his duty in Baghdad. His Fiance Dana Canedy shares the journal with her son.

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Is the trailer released for the movie?


Yes, A Journal for Jordan trailer is available on Youtube.

Is the movie based on a true story?

Yes, A Journal for Jordan is based on A Story of Love and Honor by Dana Canedy.

What is the audience expecting from the movie?

The audience is expecting an emotional movie that shows the power of love and strength in the father-son bond. A Journal for Jordan movie is not only about the war in Iraq but also shows how a father can nurture his son’s future without his physical presence.

A Journal For Jordan would be an amazing Christmas gift you could give yourself! This unique story will make you laugh and cry all at the same time while reminding you what true love really means. So go grab your popcorn because it’s going to be an emotional roller coaster ride!


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What kind of audience would A Journal for Jordan be appropriate for?

A Journey For Jordan can be watched by all ages as long as they understand English dialogue without subtitles or dubbing.

Is A Journal for Jordan worth watching?

A Journal for Jordan's Trailer Release Date: What You Need to Know

Yes, A Journey For Jordan is a great movie to watch during the holiday season. The main reason I recommend watching this coming-of-age story about fatherhood and love is that it reminds us that every action we do has an effect on people around us. It also shows how important it is to have a strong family bond even if you are not with them physically.

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Why do I recommend watching A Journal for Jordon?

A trailer of the movie was recently released which suggests a lot about the storyline of the film. The poster also looks intriguing because it features the lead character’s love for his fiance. These factors indicate that A Journal for Jordon might even win some awards at different award ceremonies next year too. You can watch A Journal for Jordon when it’s theatrically released in your local theater near you.


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