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Baptiste season 3: Will it happen?

Baptiste season 3

Baptiste season 3 is one of the anticipated seasons for Baptiste fans. Unfortunately, it seems that season 2 is the final season of the series. There were many speculations about Baptiste season 3 in the last few months after the release of season two. The series gained high popularity among the audiences. It was one of the best series watched on BBC One. So, fans were expecting more of the series. Season two was released on July 18, 2021. The story of the series revolves around detective Julien Baptiste.

Is Baptiste season 3 confirmed by BBC One? Is it officially renewed?

No, Baptiste season three is yet to be renewed. Baptiste season two was the final installment of the Baptiste series by BBC One. There are many speculations about Baptiste season three that it will not happen. Because there are rumors that lead actor, Tchéky Karyo has decided not to return for season three. However, these are just rumors. The makers of the series intended for a trilogy but they have now decided otherwise. Season two is the final season of the series. The chances of season 3 are slim.Baptiste season 3: Could there be a Baptiste spin-off? | TV & Radio |  Showbiz & TV |

Baptiste fans were expecting some good news about Baptiste’s third season on social media but unfortunately, they did not receive any official confirmation from BBC One regarding its release date and renewal status. We can only wait till the time an announcement is made officially by the creators of the series.

If Baptiste season 3 happens, what can be the release date?

There are no chances of Baptiste returning for season three but if it happens it will release in late 2022.

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The expected cast in season 3

The cast in season 2 will be returning to season 3 if it happens. But we don’t have any official confirmation for this.


It includes

  • Tcheky Karyo as Julien Baptiste
  • Fiona Shaw as Emma Chambers
  • Gabriella Hamori as Kamilla Agoston
  • Stuart Campbell as Alex Chambers
  • Conrad Khan as Will Chambers
  • Dorka Gryllus as Zsofia Arslan
  • Miklos Beres as Andras Juszt

What was the storyline of season 2?

Baptiste: Will there be a series 3? | Metro News

Season 2 centers around Emma Chambers. She is the British Ambassador of Hungary. Her spouse is shot dead. Her two children Alex and Will go lost strangely. And Emma gets to be alone as her third child, Laura is murdered a long time recently. She approaches Julien Baptiste to fathom the riddle of her children. Baptiste is on the journey to discover out in case her children are lively or dead. He finds that Alex and Will are radicalized. They were working for a terror outfit. Baptiste moreover finds out that Andras Juszt, who deceived Alex was included with the drug mafia.

Season 2 climax

Baptiste finds out that the name of the mysterious person Gommorah is Andras Juszt. His plan was to kill will and thereby frame the immigrants to spark hatred towards them. Andras is sent to prison. Emma Chambers confesses before the public about the involvement of her son in the terrorist attack.

What can we expect in season 3?

Season two is expected to be the final season of Baptiste. Baptiste will continue his fight against terrorism and racism in Europe. The show might move from France to Britain, where Baptiste spends most of his time in series two.


Baptiste has not been renewed for a third season yet by BBC One but we can expect it anytime soon since the second series ended on a high note with many viewers following up after its release.

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Why should you watch this? Why do I recommend watching this?

I have watched every episode of Baptiste that has been released so far. I must say that each one was interesting enough to get me hooked! In short, if you are looking for an action-packed drama show, with a good combination of thrilling stories and well–developed characters Baptist is is just the right show for you!!

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