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Bloodlands Season 2: What We Can Expect?

Bloodlands Season 2

‘Bloodlands’ is a crime drama series about Tom Brannick, an Irish police officer who discovers a potential suicide note in a vehicle that leads him back to an earlier case, which he has an emotional tie to.

Tom begins a thrilling pursuit of the evasive criminal in this second season, hoping to discover the legendary serial killer Goliath for good. The series was created by Chris Brandon and received a lot of acclaim for its black humor and unpredictable and exciting narrative.

Despite the fact that the police procedure drama was slammed by some critics for bad character development. It has still managed to wow a large number of fans with its continuing story arc! As a result, without further ado, let’s take a look at everything we know thus far about season 2.

Bloodlands Season 2 Release Date Details:

Season 1 of ‘Bloodlands’ was made available on AcornTV on March 15, 2021, and will conclude on April 5, 2021. It has four installments with a duration of 55-56 minutes each.


Prior to its debut in the United States, it had aired internationally. The series began on BBC One in the United Kingdom on February 21, 2021, with the season finale airing on March 14, 2021.

In the United Kingdom, for example, over 8.2 million people tuned in to watch the program on its premiere night.

The show’s continuation has been commissioned by the BBC for another year, according to its strong ratings and high viewership. After the perplexing conclusion of season 1, which has generated so many concerns, this is no surprise.Bloodlands season 2 release date | cast, plot, trailer - Radio Times

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The coronavirus epidemic, on the other hand, has made it difficult to predict when the program will resume with its second season. Taking into account the time it might take to film and edit any potential Covid-19 precautions, “Bloodlands” Season 2 is expected to premiere in 2022.

Bloodlands Season 2 Cast Details:

  • James Nesbitt as Detective Chief Inspector Tom Brannick
  • Lorcan Cranitch as Detective Chief Superintendent Jackie Twomey
  • Charlene McKenna as Detective Sergeant Niamh McGovern
  • Chris Walley as DC Billy Bird
  • Michael Smiley as police pathologist Justin Bell
  • Susan Lynch as Detective Chief Inspector Heather Pentland
  • Lola Petticrew as Izzy Brannick
  • Lisa Dwan as Tori Matthews
  • Peter Ballance as Patrick Keenan
  • Kathy Kiera Clarke as Claire Keenan
  • Cara Kelly as Siobhan Harkin
  • Caolan Byrne as Ben McFarland
  • Valerie Lilley as Linda Corry

Will there be a Bloodlands season two and when will it be released?

However, we are confident that Ian McElhinney will not be returning in the second season after the tragic season finale, in which he shoots Adam Corry to death.


Aside from a few, the entire cast is likely to reprise their roles in the next season.

Plot Speculations:

In the final season, Brannick confesses to the serial murders in the 1990s and later kills Pat Keenan to assume control of Goliath. But he does so only because the actual Goliath is in jail, holding his wife hostage.

However, there is no way for the audience to verify whether or not that’s true. Brannick provides enough of a mystery to let the viewers draw their own conclusions about him being the mastermind assassin.

Season 2 of the program may reveal if the creature is a real Goliath. The audience may get to see Brannick and Goliath duke it out. It’s possible that Brannick is the actual killer who is only messing with other characters. With so much uncertainty and ambiguity, the next season of the crime drama will be a must-see.

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