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Scissors Seven Season 4: What Do We Know So Far?

Scissor Seven Season 4

Scissor Seven is an anime action-comedy series that has already released three seasons. Along with the worldwide phenomenon following the misadventures of Seven. It is an amnesiac hairdresser who aspires to be an assassin despite not being very good at it. Now fans are waiting for Scissors Seven Season 4

With its lighthearted approach to a serious subject, the program has earned praise from fans and critics alike for its witty take on a dark story. The show’s mishaps and bungled assassination attempts provide plenty of comic relief to a plot about clashing factions and assassination tasks.

The most pressing issue at the moment is whether or not the scissors-wielding favorite will get another season, so here’s all you need to know.

Scissor Seven Season 4 Release Date Details:

Despite the fact that the fourth season of Scissor Seven has not yet been confirmed, it will still be available on Netflix. While Netflix distributes the series across the world.


Scissor Seven is aired first in China on Bilibili, Tencent Video, Youku, iQIYI, and Sohu Video. Given the show’s popularity both in China and across the world, it is all but a certainty that The Legend of Phoenix will return for the fourth time.Latest season of 'Scissor Seven' makes the cut - SHINE News

However, even if Scissor Seven is renewed for a fourth season, there will be a long gap between seasons. The show is generally not available on Netflix until after the Chinese broadcast, with at least an 18-month gap between seasons.

Scissor Sisters could debut on Netflix in early 2022, with a possible Chinese release in mid-late 2022 and an international unveiling in 2023.

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Season three, however, ended with a title card confirming that Scissor Seven would be released in 2022 as a feature film. It’s possible that the series won’t begin until 2024 because of this, which might push back production on season four somewhat.

Scissors Seven Season 4 Cast Details:

  • Ronny Chieng as aspiring assassin Seven
  • Genshin Impact as Jas Patrick
  • Jill Bartlett as Xiao Fei
  • Jennie Kwan
  • Karen Huie
  • Lawrence Saint-Victor
  • Chairman Jiang
  • Mad Bark

Scissors Seven Season 4 Trailer Details:

Season four of Scissor Seven hasn’t even been announced yet, so there won’t be a trailer for some time. As soon as one is released, we’ll update this page.

Plot Speculations:

There is no manga for Scissor Seven to translate, so plot twists and spoilers are difficult to discover.


The fourth season will be based on what happens in the yet-to-be-released 2022 feature, but with rumors that the film will be a prequel,

Scissor Seven 2': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to  know about the Netflix original anime series | MEAWW

The third season was a cliffhanger, with Seven falling prey to black ice poison, which was gradually wiping away more of his memories.

Season four will most likely follow the ramifications of Seven’s poisoning unless he can recover miraculously, and the would-be assassin could lose all memory of his pals on Chicken Farm.

Even if Seven manages to keep his memories, it’s clear that Manjusaka and Shimen are after him, as evidenced by their attacks on Thirteen.


Regardless, there’s sure to be more of Scissor Seven’s wacky humor, as our favorite poorly skilled hairdresser-turned-assassin tries to establish himself.

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