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Display A Photo With A Glowing Pink Neon Sign Frame

Neon pink

Neon signs are getting popular to use for any space. A neon sign is an electric sign made from glass tubes containing neon gas. It makes a place look attractive and colorful. With a modern LED neon sign, you can add light and color to a home, business location, or event. They are better than other types of lighting.

This article will tell you about neon signs pink that you can use as a picture frame. You can also check the benefits of the neon pink picture frames, so keep reading:

About Pink Neon Sign

The Pink Frame neon sign is attractive lighting from Echo Neon. You can utilize this sign as a frame for any picture or artwork. It can replace the boring picture frames that people have been using for a long time. You can use this pink picture frame at your home, wedding reception, or any party.

Pink Frame neon sign is perfect for hanging or mounting on the wall of your room as it comes with pre-drilled holes and acrylic backing. It is built from LED lights and PVC tubing.  So you can buy the pink neon sign for your space.


Benefits Of Pink Picture Frames Sign

Below you can see the benefits after using the pink frame neon sign:

  • Long Lifespan

The pink sign has a long life and, it requires less maintenance. You can easily clean it. It is long-lasting than the traditional neon signs made from glass. There is a risk of damage with the traditional signs, but you do not have to face this with the pink frame neon sign.

  • Safe To Use
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This neon pink picture frame is safe to use as it does not contain toxic gases like traditional signs. This neon sign is also eco-friendly. It does not emit heat and does not create any noise.

  • Easy to Install

A pink frame neon sign is easy to install in your place as it comes with acrylic backing. You can hang or mount this sign in any space without facing any problem. 

  • Energy-Efficient

This neon sign uses less electricity than the other signs. That’s the reason it is eco-friendly as well. So you can save energy with a pink frame neon sign.

  • Affordable

The pink frame neon sign is affordable than the traditional neon sign. It will not impact your electricity bill as it saves energy.

pink neon

Price Of Pink Picture Frame Sign

You can buy this unique glowing picture frame from Echo Neon. It is an online neon shop well known as the first LED neon maker in the US. They use the best materials for making their neon signs. So they charge reasonable prices for their neon signs. You will get the Pink Picture Frame sign at the price of $298.00. If you want a remote dimmer control through which you can control the lighting of this neon sign, you have to pay $10 more.

Delivery Of Pink Picture Frame Sign

Echo Neon delivers its neon signs in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and more places. It takes around 2-3 weeks from the order date for the standard delivery. It includes the time of production and shipping.

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