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Kenan Season 2 – Release Date, Plot Details, and Star Cast!

Kenan Season 2

The Kenan and Kel comedy show, Kenan and Kel is coming back for a second season! Kenan Thompson (Kel) and Kenan Rockmore (Kenan) will be returning as the protagonist of this series. This time around Kenal Rockmore will now go by Kenar Rockmore, as he’s been living in Canada since his last appearance on the series.

About the Series “Kenan”

Rockmore and Kel Kimble have a lot of unfinished business after Kenan left for Canada in the series finale, so Kenar Rockmore is now going by Kenar as he’s been living in Canada.

In this season Kenar returns to America with his best friend/brother-in-law from Canada to attend their old high school reunion. The last time they attended an event like that was when they were still teenagers at Gooden High School – aka “Good Hair” University (GHS). Kenan has not seen Kenal since he moved away for college but also hasn’t stopped worrying about him throughout the years.

“Kenan” Season 2 is Confimed?

It has been confirmed that “Kenan” will be returning for the 2nd Season. However, it won’t premiere until early 2022 because filming just started this September which means there are still plenty of months left before you’ll see your favorite series.


Kenan was renewed for a 2nd Season in April 2021. However, the planning took time and the filming was delayed a bit.

Release Date Expectations for “Kenan” Season 2

The Kenan Season Two release date is expected to be around March or April 2022. Although, it might even come later than that since the filming just began this September. The fans are excited for Season 2 of the series. But we don’t have a release date yet.

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Meet the Cast of Kenan Thompson's New Sitcom, 'Kenan'

“Kenan” Season 2 Storyline and Plot Synopsis

At the moment, Kenan has not revealed any official plot details for Season Two. But, if you have watched Season One carefully, it is already clear that Kenan will be all about showcasing how he aims to become an astronaut and space explorer.

Kenan’s character development as a young boy is what makes this series so special to watch.


All we know now is that Kenan will continue his adventure in the future. If one thing stays true though; Kenan won’t let anything stop him from achieving his dream of becoming an astronaut!

Ending Explanation for “Kenan” Season 1

Kenan has ended on a real cliffhanger, which means that Kenan’s audience can expect to find out what happened next in Season Two.

This leaves us wondering – did Kenan get accepted into NASA? Will he ever achieve his dream of becoming an astronaut and exploring space?

We will just have to wait until Kenan drops its second season. Which should be sometime soon! We will make sure you are the first ones to know when Kenan releases new episodes.


What Can We Expect from Kenan Season Two?

You can expect Kena’s character to continue his amazing journey at “Griffin High” where he will make many new friends as well as some enemies along the way! The cast has already started working on Kenan with plans to film all day Friday- Sunday each week up until mid-December 2022 when they are scheduled their first break after which they will begin filming Kenan again January through March 2023.

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Kenan: Season Two; NBC Renews Kenan Thompson Comedy Series - canceled + renewed TV shows - TV Series Finale

Will “Kenan” Season 2 be worth watching?

Yes, Kenan is definitely worth watching! Kenan’s character continues his amazing journey at “Griffin High” where he makes many new friends as well as some enemies along the way.

Is there anything else we should know about Kenan?

There isn’t much more you need to know about Kenan besides that it would be a good idea for you to watch it once it’s released online because I am sure this season will be just great if not better than last season.

Star Cast and Crew News!

The Kenan Season two Star Cast and Crew have been announced. Some of the newcomers might be very noticeable and the star cast for the series has been amazing.

  • Kenan Thompson as Kenan Williams
  • Don Johnson as Rick Noble
  • Kimrie Lewis as Mika Caldwell
  • Niccole Thurman as Cori Williams
  • Dani Lane as Aubrey Williams
  • Santana Dempsey as Jenny
  • Steven Pritchard as Bubbles
  • Sean Thomas Simmons as Travis
  • Daphnique Springs as Lori

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