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How to get better at Valorant: tips, tricks, and tools


Playing as an agent in Valorant is fun but also challenging. If you don’t understand the game mechanics, character’s skills and abilities, weapon selection, etc., winning might be difficult. The only consolation is that you’ll fight alongside the other four agents that make up your team.

However, winning as a defender or attacker requires your total involvement and ability to plan and execute team-based strategies. That’s why we put this article together. We will share some of the information that will help you to be the best agent. Also, you can increase your win rate with the Valorant cheats from experts. 

 Tips, Tricks and Tools for Valorant Players 

  • Study the game 

This should be your first port of call. Before diving into the game and messing up the team, try to learn what you can about Valorant. Study the playable characters, check out the weapons, uncover the perks, maps, etc. Also, make sure you study other players to learn their strategies and skills. You can watch the professionals on YouTube, Twitch, or any other online game streaming platform. It will also be useful to visit the website to get the latest Valorant hacks.

  • Set Training goals 

Valorant provided training facilities to hone your skills. For example, the shooting range is where you can test all the available weapons, master their recoil and spray patterns. Also, you can train to perfect your aim for better results. But if you use the facilities without setting goals, you might not be serious. But let’s say you set a goal to achieve a particular number of kills within a specified time; that’s progress. Once you focus on the goal, you’ll likely train harder, thereby learning the game faster. 

  • Focus on aiming precision 

We cannot overemphasize the importance of accurate aim in a first-person shooter game such as Valorant. If you don’t hit the target anytime you fire a gun, you might end up dying fast. That’s because the target you missed might kill you, or even his teammates might shoot you. So, practice hard enough to master your aiming skills. To achieve a perfect aim, make sure that your mouse sensitivity and crosshair placement are appropriate. Also, practice at the range to improve this skill as it will help you in the game. 

  • Choose suitable weapons 

The weapons in this game are many, and you can struggle with the confusion of choices. But focus on what you want to achieve and your play style. For instance, if you want to engage in short-range confrontations, pick a gun suitable for that fight. On the other hand, if the long-range is what you want or even to fight as a sniper, choose your weapons accordingly. Another important angle is to pick weapons that’ll complement your character’s strengths. For instance, if you’re playing as Omen, the weapons should grab include Stinger, Phantom, Ghost, Sheriff, Spectre, Bulldog, etc. All these weapons will help the agent fight to full capacity and strength. 

  • Earn cash with the spike

Cash is important in Valorant. You can use cash to buy armor, weapons, abilities, etc. But it is better to make more because the good weapons and items cost much. So, if you’re planning to use powerful weapons, making money in Valorant is important. Thankfully there are many ways to get it, and one of them is through Spike planting. 

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When you plant the spike, the game rewards your team with extra money. So, no matter what happens in the matches, make sure to plant it. Even when the team is winning the round, still spare some time to plant it for that extra cash. 

  • Learn Valorant Callouts 

Many people ask how they should learn callouts. Well, the simplest way is to listen to other players when they communicate with one another. But bear in mind that callouts differ from map to map. That’s why you need to know the specific ones for the map you’re playing. That’s the only way to communicate better. 

Some of the maps to focus on include, Ascent, Haven, Bind, Icebox, etc. The callouts that are generally used include “Enemy Haven,” “CT Spawn,” “TP,” “Market,” ‘Showers,” “Uhaul,” etc. With all these callouts, team members can pass information to one another for a more competitive advantage. 

  • Get creative with the crosshair.

If you want to play better and even win more, don’t ignore the importance of crosshair. When you place your crosshair rightly, you can achieve better aiming. It ensures that your bullet will hit that target’s head and kill them instantly. So, use the best setting and also customize it the way that works for your play style. Check how professionals set their crosshair and mimic them since they’re experienced in Valorant and already knows what works. 


Playing Valorant with the right tips, tricks and tools will guide you to victory. But, first, learn this game and master the mechanics. Also, study the agents to know which to play at first until you master them. Then use the suitable weapons and try to make more cash for important upgrades. 

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