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Raya And The Last Dragon 2 – Release Date And All Latest Updates!

Raya And The Last Dragon 2 is the sequel to Raya And The Last Dragon, which will air on Cartoon Network. Raya And The Last Dragon 2 takes place 10 years after Raya’s first adventure with the dragon. Raya has grown up and taken over her father’s job of protecting dragons. Raya has also become friends with a new dragon named Hala! As you can see, there are many exciting updates about this show that we know you’re going to love!

About the Movie “Raya And The Last Dragon”

Raya And The Last Dragon is an upcoming movie that will air on Cartoon Network. Raya And The Last Dragon follows Raya, a young girl who finds herself tasked with protecting the last dragon egg in the land of Prydain. Raya has to escape her evil sister and go on this epic journey. She takes help from loyal friends like Hala along the way! This thrilling adventure had us at hello; we know it’s going to be great for all audiences!

“Raya And The Last Dragon 2” Release Date Speculations

We know Raya And The Last Dragon will be an awesome film to watch! We’re all wondering when the sequel Raya And The Last Dragon might air. While there’s no official word yet, we can look at similar timeframes for previous seasons of Cartoon Network shows to get a good idea!

However, there is no specific release date for the sequel movie yet.


Plot Predictions and Story Arc

That would give us enough time to rewatch Raya and her friends’ adventures before diving into this next one – just like old times! It seems like Raya is going to be faced with some new challenges, and we’re excited to see what’s next for her.

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We predict that Raya will have a hard time in the sequel trying to find ways around this magic school she just found out about! She’ll need help from Aya and Wadi once again – but can they all work together after everything that happened before? We also think Raya might get herself into trouble when it comes to friends vs family. Let’s hope not!

Cast and Characters News for “Raya And The Last Dragon 2”

  • Awkwafina as Sisu
  • Kelly Marie Tran as Raya
  • Gemma Chan as Namaari
  • Izaac Wang as Boun
  • Thalia Tran as Little Noi
  • Benedict Wong as Tong

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