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Review Of Netflix’s Sounds Like Love: Should You Stream or Skip It?

Netflix's Sounds Like Love

Netflix has been adding international couples nonstop recently, from YA flicks like Out of My League, JJ + E, and Last Summer to more mature offerings such as My Amanda, A Perfect Fit, and Just Say Yes. The Spanish-language romantic comedy Someone Great and the Dakota Johnson comedy How to Be Single have been muddled together in this program, which is now streaming. Is it a good idea to watch this series? Continue reading to find out!

So is this show worth streaming?

Maca is a 29-year-old assistant to an influencer who is now trying to be a “bitch” in order to achieve it. Maca’s insufferable boss, Pipa, abuses her, pays her low wages, and only expects the finest from her. Maca wonders how much longer she can keep tolerating this.

Fortunately, she has her two closest friends on hand to assist her: Adriana, who works at a bridal gown shop and has no desire to marry him, and Jimena, who is certain that her reincarnated dead lover will soon appear around the corner ready to fall in love with her once more.

Maca is left confused and uncertain when her dreamy ex-boyfriend Leo returns to Madrid after a painful, wordless departure several years ago. When she learns that her ex-boyfriend, Leo, is dating one of her coworkers, a wonderful influencer named Raquel, everything goes sour.

Netflix's 'Sounds Like Love': Bridget Jones's Diary-cum-Fleabag Style  Rom-Com


Maca just can’t seem to get over her feelings for Leo, and it appears that he can’t forget about her, either. With the prospect of new employment and some major developments in romance and conflict, 29 might turn out to be the year that Maca becomes evil after all.

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Elisabet Casanovas is a delightful lunatic as Maca’s oddball best pal Jimena. Whether she’s removing her clothes in an attempt to seduce her chiropractor or shoving churros in her closest friend’s face after a bad night. She adds a unique little twinkle to every scene, perfectly capturing the eccentric BFF part and adding some extra emotional depth to boot.

Though the dialogue in Sounds Like Love isn’t particularly exciting, I did get a little chuckle out of some of Maca’s early monologue when she referred to her no-strings-attached situation: “I date myself and desire him.”

What’s Your Take?

Sounds Like Love is a terrible example of a good-intentioned but flawed translation. The film was based on the best-selling Spanish book series Canciones y Recuerdos by Elisabet Benavent, which had plenty of material to convey.


The problem with attempting to jam all of this narrative into one film is that it feels both rushed and extended, an unfocused attempt to balance three plots that the film doesn’t know how to deal with.

Sounds Like Love frequently feels like a chore to watch, thanks to some cheesy narration and fourth-wall-breaking. It’s also a shame since the cast is excellent and there are some interesting elements to the plot. But the film can’t make up its mind whether Adriana and Jimena should be seen as co-leads or supporting characters in Maca’s tale.

There’s a lot of fun and stuff for everyone, as well as some unexpected, delightful weirdness in Jimena’s tale, but it’ll take more than a few amusing moments to overcome all the problems.

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