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Suspicious Partner Season 2 Happening? Check Out All The Details

Suspicious Partner Season 2

With the release of Suspicious Partner Season 1, fans have been eagerly awaiting a date for when they can watch season two. However, production company Fuji TV has not released any information about a possible release date or aired any trailers to give us an idea of what we’re in store for. In this blog post, we will discuss where you can find more information about Suspicious Partner Season 2 and how long the wait might be!

Suspicious Partner Season 2 Release Date Details:

Season 1 of ‘Suspicious Partner’ premiered on May 10, 2017. The show didn’t receive as high ratings as some of the network’s other programs. Despite this, it provided fierce competition to its peers on other networks at its worst point.

After each episode, the appeal grew. After the show was aired internationally, it exploded.

Suspicious Partner Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Renewed or Canceled

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The crime thriller has a global following. The series concluded with a positive conclusion for its characters. Fans, on the other hand, demand another season of “Suspicious Partner.”

The second season is yet to be announced by the network, and given the conclusion of the first, it appears unlikely. But you never know!


Its widespread appeal may persuade the showrunners to continue telling. If and when we hear anything regarding the ‘Suspicious Partner’ season 2 premiere date, we will update this area.


Suspicious Partner Season 2 Cast Details:

  • Ji Chang-Wook as Noh Ji-Wook
  • Nam Ji-Hyun plays as Eun Bong-hee
  • Choi Tae-Joon portrays Ji Eun-hyuk
  • Kwon Nara plays the role of Cha Yoo-Jung
  • Lee Deok-Hwa plays as Ji-Wook’s adoptive father
  • Hwang Chan-sung plays as Jang Hee-Joon
  • Kim Ye-won plays as Na Ji-Hae
  • Nam Ki-ae
  • Jo Seung-Yeon
  • Jnag Hyuk-jin
  • Yoon Bok-in
  • Heo Joon-Seok
  • Shim Eun-woo
  • Dong Ha
  • Kim Hong-fa
  • Jin Ju-Hyung
  • Kim Kyung-jin

Plot Synopsis:

The first meeting of Bong-Hee and Ji-Wook isn’t pleasant. On the subway, Bong-Hee mistakes Ji-Wook for a molester, which leads to tension. Had she gone home to something good before leaving for work, it would have been much easier for her to relax.

However, before she can discover this, she is beset by another catastrophe. She finds her partner flirting with another woman in the lobby of a hotel. Devastated by his conduct and knowing that nothing else in her life was so wonderful, she ends their relationship and seeks the next guy who catches her eye.

That guy turns out to be Ji-Wook. They go out for a few drinks, but before anything can happen, she passes out and finds herself at his place the next morning. She recognizes how bad of a situation she was about to get herself into, so she leaves. This isn’t the last time you’ll see him, though.

She then begins working at a new firm, which turns out to be Ji-Wook. The friendship that had been developing resumes. Bong-hee, on the other hand, faces a more serious issue: her ex-boyfriend is discovered murdered in her home and she is held responsible for his death. Ji-Wook comes to her

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