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“Leave The World Behind” Movie On Netflix – All Latest Details!

leave the world behind on netflix

The “Leave The World Behind” movie is a romantic comedy-drama; about a man and woman; who have been in a relationship for 10 years. They meet after she has been struggling; with her weight, but when they get back together they start to see each other in the same way again. “Leave The World Behind” is now available on Netflix!

About the Movie

After being separated for ten years, Alise gets back together with Francesco who has been struggling with his relationship since she fell in love with another man. The Netflix Movie will be written and directed by Sam Esmail.

Romantic comedy-drama about a couple reunited after having struggled with their weight issues when they were younger. Now when they get back together again they start to see each other in the same way as before but not all goes well between them due to some struggles that might arise.

Is 'Leave the World Behind' on Netflix? Where to Watch the Documentary -  New On Netflix USA

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“Leave The World Behind”¬†Netflix Release Date Announcement

“Leave The World Behind Netflix Official Trailer Released!” “New details on the upcoming romantic comedy-drama that will be released on Netflix.

The official trailer was just released for “Leave The World Behind” along with some new information about who is part of the cast! Esmail’s latest project has been taking quite a while so it’ll be interesting to see how this turns out!



The movie will stream on Netflix and as per the reports it will be released sometime between late 2022 or mid-2023.

Plot Expectations and Potential Story Arc for “Leave The World Behind”

The plot of “Leave The World Behind” is based on the story of a burned-out writer who wants to get away from it all. But things take an interesting turn when he falls in love with someone new and finally wants to settle down!

This sounds like your standard romantic comedy-drama that will be taking place somewhere far off in the future. We still haven’t gotten any official information about what Esmail has planned for this movie, but we’re hoping there’s more than just some generic romance involved here!

Cats and Crew Predictions

The confirmed star cast list is still very precise for now. It is as follows:

  • Julia Roberts
  • Denzel Washington
  • ¬†Mahershala Ali

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