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Aeon Flux Live-Action TV Show – What We Know So Far?

Aeon Flux Live-Action TV Show -

Aeon Flux is a science fiction, dystopian animated TV show that aired from 1991 to 1995. A live-action Aeon Flux series is currently in development and rumored to be the next big thing for MTV, but what do we know about it? We will discuss what we know so far about the Aeon Flux Live-Action TV Show!

About the TV Show”

Fans are excited because, after over ten years of being off-air, Aeon Flux will finally make its return as a television series!

It was first announced back in 2020 by producer David Papp who promised fans an edgy thriller with lots of action.

About the Plot – We still don’t have any official details on how this new version will adapt or modernize Aeon’s story so for now, it’s all speculation. Aeon Flux Live-Action TV Show


The Show will be executive produced by Gale Anne Hurd who is known for her work on The Walking Dead and The Terminator.

“Aeon Flux Live-Action TV Show” Release Date Speculations

With the Show still in its early stages; it’s hard for us to know exactly when we can expect it. However, given that filming is set to begin this August 2020. And considering how intense Aeon’s story will be, I think fans should hope for a late 2021 release date; at the earliest. It could also take until 2022 or even 2023 if there are any speed bumps along the way so keep watching out for future announcements before getting your hopes up.



“Aeon Flux Live-Action TV Show” Potential Storyline and Plot Details

The Show will be an origin story for Aeon and is said to revolve around her struggle against the vicious, totalitarian regime of Bregna. The show will also explore Aeon’s complex relationship with another key figure in Aeon Flux history: Trevor Goodchild (Jonas Armstrong).

Cast and Characters Updates

No official casting announcements have been made yet but I would love it if they came back with Aeon being played by either Megan Fox or Alexandra Daddario again.

  • Denise Poirier as Æon Flux
  • Elizabeth Sampson as Hedrick
  • Patrick Stretch as Gildemere
  • John Rafter Lee as Trevor Goodchild
  • Julia Fletcher as Benzenhurst
  • Mark Mars as Sinnah
  • Matt K. Miller as Ilbren
  • Steffan Chirazi as Bambara
  • Paul Raci as Onan
  • Susan Turner-Cray as Hostess Judy

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