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Vikings Valhalla: All The Latest Updates And Speculations

Vikings Valhalla

Vikings Valhalla is an upcoming historical action-fiction drama television series for Netflix, created by screenwriter Jeb Stuart, and a spin-of to History’s Vikings. The first in a planned seven-part series, it will chronicle the stories of some of Norse culture’s most famous people, including Leif Erikson, Freydís Eiríksdóttir, Harald Hardrada, and William the Conqueror.

The History Channel’s Vikings are one of the most popular programs it has ever aired, with a large following that is very excited for the much-anticipated spinoff series Vikings: Valhalla, which will be exclusively available on Netflix.

Like its inspiration, Michael Hirst and MGM will be in command of the thrilling, action-packed drama, with many subscribers eager to learn as much as they can about what the future holds.

Shows like Cursed, The Witcher, and The Last Kingdom are a good place to start, but for those who want to live it up in Valhalla, it will be a welcome addition for subscribers.


When Vikings: Valhalla premieres on Netflix, it will undoubtedly be a difficult experience for fans of the genre and its highly praised predecessor.

Vikings Valhalla Release Date Speculations:

We expected Vikings: Valhalla to premiere in late 2021, but with delays in production, it will now debut in 2022. During Netflix’s TUDUM event on Sept. 25, which included exclusive news about over 70 series and movies, Vikings: Valhalla was announced to debut in 2022.

Vikings: Valhalla Spin-Off! Release Date On Netflix? - WTTSPOD


We don’t have a release month yet, but we don’t anticipate it debuting in early 2022 because of the production difficulties. Filming for the series was restarted in July 2020 after a COVID-19 break, but it was delayed again in October 2020.

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Production was up and running again before being delayed another time in March 2021. Netflix users and Vikings fans agree that Valhalla’s release date should come sooner rather than later, and we’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear more information.

Cast Details:

  • Laura Berlin as Emma of Normandy
  • Sam Corlett as Leif Eriksson
  • Bradley Freegard as King Canute
  • Frida Gustavsson as Freydís Eiríksdóttir
  • Caroline Henderson as Jarl Haakon
  • Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson as Olaf Haraldsson
  • Asbjørn Krogh as Jarl Kåre
  • David Oakes as Earl Godwin
  • Julian Seager as Jarl Gorm
  • Leo Suter as Harald Sigurdsson
  • Pollyanna McIntosh as Queen Ælfgifu of Denmark
  • John Kavanagh as the Seer
  • Pääru Oja as Arne Gormsson
  • Louis Davison as Prince Edmund
  • Bosco Hogan as Æthelred the Unready

Vikings Valhalla Plot Synopsis:

England stands against the Vikings as years pass and the end of the Viking Age approaches. After King Edward the Confessor’s death, three lords vie for royal authority. Leif Erikson has sailed Greenlanders across the North Atlantic in search of new lands.

He is devoted to his family but has a conflict with his father, Erik the Red. Freydís Eiríksdóttir is his half-sister. Christian Vikings sexually assaulted her and she became anti-Christian, becoming the leader of the Old Norse religion as Christianity grew in Scandinavia and seeking a new home for her people.

She falls in love with Torsen, a Christian Viking from a royal family who has been chosen by the king to lead the expedition. The king has assembled a battalion called Harald Hardrada to exact revenge for the massacre. He is led by Alienor, his queen, and Earl Colby, an Anglo-Saxon counselor.

Michael Hirst, the creator of “Vikings,” says that the show’s time period is when “the Vikings have conquered most of England and they control Normandy.”


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