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Sneakerheads Season 2 – Release Date, And Cast And Characters

Sneakerheads Season 2

Sneakerheads is a scripted comedy series that takes place in the world of sneakers and tells the story of Sneakers, a former NBA player turned sneaker store owner who has never left his hometown. After being faced with financial problems, Sneakers decides to take matters into his own hands by opening up a new Sneakers shoe store! Know all the details about Sneakerheads Season 2.

About the Netflix Series

Sneakerheads Season two is the continuation of Sneakers’ journey in selling shoes. Sneakerheads follows Sneakers as he attempts to open up a new store after being left with no money from his previous shop. With some help from an unlikely partner, Sneakers will attempt to win over customers while facing off against a rival sneaker store owner and struggling to keep both stores afloat!

Season one has released on Netflix all ten episodes on September 25, 2020.

“Sneakerheads” Season 2 Renewal Status

Sneakerheads Season two has been renewed by Netflix. Sneakers’ journey continues as he opens up a new Sneakers Shoe Store! However, the renewal is still not certain. It’s still a little early to tell if Netflix has plans to renew the series for a 2nd Season or will the show be canceled.


Fans are speculating the 2nd Season because of the positive reviews and response to the 1st Season.

Release Date Predictions for “Sneakerheads” Season 2

Sneakerheads Season two is expected to be released on Netflix, that is for certain. But the date has not been decided yet. If the show’s renewal has not been confirmed, how can we even think of a release date? Sneakers’ journey continues as he opens up a new Sneakers Shoe Store!

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We were hoping that the Season 2 of Sneakerheads will release this year on Netflix, but it was delayed due to unknown reasons.

 The plotline and Story Arc

Sneakerhead’s plot is about Sneakers and his friend Cleat opening their sneaker store after the first one fails.


The Plot of “Sneakerheads” season two is all about Sneakers opening a new Sneakers Shoe Store after the first one fails. We hope for its release date soon so that we can watch it already!

Will there be any plot twists 

Sneakerheads' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far


Sneakerheads Season Two Plotline Sneakers and Cleat open a new Sneakers Shoe Store.

There is no information about the plot twists in Sneakerhead’s season two as of now, but we hope to find out more soon!

Cast and Characters Rumours

We have not received any confirmation from Netflix regarding this matter yet. In addition, there are no rumors that provide us with potential actors or actresses for “Sneakers” Season Two just yet! However, we wish those rumors were true since it would be interesting to see which famous faces join Sneaks’ family-friendly show next time around.

  • Allen Maldonado as Devin
  • Justin Lee as Cole
  • Aja Evans as Gia
  • Matthew Josten as Stuey
  • Andrew Bachelor as Bobby
  • Jearnest Corchado as Nori
  • Yaani King as Christine
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