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Dark Desire Season 2 – Renewal Status, Release Date, And Star Cast!

Dark Desire Season 2

The Dark Desire series has been very popular with audiences, and due to the success of season 1, it is not surprising that Dark Desire Season 2 will be renewed. Dark Desire Season 2 is a suspenseful drama about a detective who tries to solve the murder of his wife.

This article will cover everything you need to know about Dark Desires season 2: renewal status, plot details, release date, and star cast!

About the Series

Dark Desire is a very suspenseful drama about the murder of Detective James Dark’s wife. Dark cannot rest until he finds and captures his wife’s murderer, which leads him to question all those around him – even his son!

It is a Spanish series that has also been dubbed in English and is available on Netflix.


“Dark Desire” Season 2 Renewal Status and Release Date Updates

Dark Desire Season two is now in the works and we’ll update as soon as there’s any news about it. However, the 2nd Season does not have an official release date yet, but we do know that it will premiere sometime in 2022.

The first season premiered on 15 July 2020, and it has been long since then. Therefore, the fans are getting slightly impatient.

The good news is that the filming for Season 2 is almost complete.

Speculated Plotline and Story Arc for “Dark Desire” Season 2

Dark Desire Season two will not have a new story arc.


The first season ended on a cliffhanger, which means that the storyline is still open. However, there are some rumors about what we can expect from next year’s episodes and here they are:

Will Dark Desire return with a season 2? Release Date And Other Related  News - The CineTalk

Source: The

Dark Desire Season one finale left us with many questions unanswered. Now it’s time for those answers to be revealed in Dark Desire Season two!

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The biggest mystery of all has been unraveled pretty early into Dark Desire Season one – who or what killed Robert? Well, if you’re looking for more details then these might come in handy: “Dark Desire” Season two spoilers suggest that Robbie was murdered by none other than his friends/teammates.


Star Cast and Characters Guide

  • Maite Perroni as Alma Solares
  • Paulina Matos as Edith Ballesteros
  • Regina Pavón as Zoe Solares
  • Alejandro Speitzer as Darío Guerra
  • Samantha Orozco as Rosalba
  • Erik Hayser as Esteban Solares
  • Jorge Poza as Leonardo Solares

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