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Babylon 5 Reboot In Development – All Latest News!

Babylon 5 Reboot

Since Babylon 5 aired its final episode in 1994, rumors and discussions about a possible reboot have been floating around. Now it appears the Babylon 5 Reboot is finally happening! It will be helmed by Babylonian Productions LLC, which has licensed the rights from Warner Bros. and is expected to pick up where Babylon 5 left off. This article will provide you with all of the latest news regarding this exciting project!

About the Sci-Fi Series

Sci-fi series about the Babylon space station, created by J. Michael Straczynski in 1993 for television – 1994: final episode airs on TV – Rumors and discussion about reboot floated around since then but nothing came close to it until now. Now there’s an official announcement regarding a Babylon reboot coming up! Warner Bros., who own rights to Babylonian Productions LLC, will be producing this new project with the original creator at the helm again. It’ll pick right where the show left off; writers are working out details like how many episodes it’ll include (it may depend on whether or not they can get all original cast members back).

The beloved Babylon 5 is getting rebooted, with series creator JMS running  the show - The Verge

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“Babylon 5” Reboot Release Date Speculations

The company which owns rights to the show “Babylon”, will be producing new episodes after 25 years of its final episode. The creator himself is on board as a writer and producer. Season length may depend on how many cast members can come back for this project but it’s expected to pick up exactly where it left off in 1994 with the same characters and plot threads.

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However, the news is still very fresh to be thinking about the release date of the series. The series is under development stage, therefore, an official release date cannot be discussed over.


Plot Expectations and Storyline for “Babylon 5” Reboot

The official news that the Babylon project will be rebooted has excited a lot of Babylon fans; who have been eagerly waiting for the next season; since its final episode in 1994. The creator, J. Michael Straczynski is now on board as writer and producer to continue with Babylon’s storyline after 25 years from where it left off in 1994. Fans are now expecting Babylon’s timeline parallel to current events but there hasn’t been any confirmation yet about this aspect of Babylon script development by makers themselves.

 Cast and Crew Predictions

We do not have any updates on the star cast predictions. However, the creator is returning for sure.

  • J. Michael Straczynski

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