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“Teen Wolf” Revival Film – Will The Movie Return With The Original Star?

Teen Wolf Revival movie

It’s been years since Teen Wolf fans have seen their favorite characters. Now, the Teen Wolf revival film has been announced and many are wondering if it will return with the original cast. Will Teen Wolf be back on TV? The Teen wolf movie is set to release in 2021 so stay tuned for more updates!

About the Original “Teen Wolf” Series

There was an MTV series namely “Teen Wolf” which ran for 6 seasons, and 4 years. Now MTV is planning to bring the original series cast back for a movie revival.

The series received mixed reviews from critics but fans love this classic film!

Teen Wolf stars Michael J Fox as Scott Howard, a high school student who is bitten by the werewolf Derek Hale (played by actor James Hampton).


The series Teen Wolf became popular for its hilarious yet endearing relationship between Stiles (played by actor Jerry Levine) and Lydia Martin (portrayed by actress Susan Ursitti). Teen Wolf has an IMDb rating of only five out of ten which some say reflects how bad the movie actually is whereas others think that’s unfair because they find Teen Wolf to be one of their favorite movies. Our opinion?

Teen Wolf Revival Movie In The Works For Paramount Plus


“Teen Wolf Revival and Release Date Updates

The series is converted to a movie now, does not have a specific release date. however, we have been speculating a release date which is sometime in 2022.

We will keep you updated with all the latest news regarding this upcoming “Teen Wolf” revival movie.

Plot Speculations and Storyline

There have been rumors that Teen Wolf will be a reboot of the series with an entirely new cast. However, we want to point out this is not confirmed yet and if it does happen Teen wolf fans would probably boycott the movie as they still regard Scott McCall as their all-time favorite Teen Wolf character.

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One thing for sure though is that Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis has said he wants Tyler Posey back in Teen Wolf revival film but there are no official confirmations on any other characters coming back too.


Original Cast to Return

We don’t know yet. But if that is true, then the names and faces we will see in the movie are as follows:

  • Michael J. Fox
  • Tyler Posey
  • Tyler Hoechlin
  • Colton Haynes
  • Dylan O’Brien
  • Dylan Sprayberry
  • JR Bourne
  • Arden Cho

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