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Scott Bakula Talks About “Quantum Leap Reboot” And Teases Updates!

Scott Bakula Talks About "Quantum Leap Reboot"

Scott Bakula is back! Scott, who played Dr. Sam Beckett in the original series of Quantum Leap, told us about the reboot and teased some updates to come. Scott talked about how excited he is for this new version of Quantum Leap, but also has a lot of mixed feelings because it’s been 25 years since the show was on TV. Scott said that he will be playing an “eccentric scientist” who helps Sam (played by Nikita star Scott Wolf) travel through time to fix history one leap at a time.” everything Scott Bakula Talks About “Quantum Leap Reboot”.

Scott Bakula About “Quantum Leap Reboot All Details

Scott told us that he will be playing an “eccentric scientist” who helps Scott Wolf’s character, Sam Beckett, travel through time to fix history one leap at a time.

What does Scott think of the new series? Scott said that he is excited about the reboot and feels like it can only grow with success since Quantum Leap was so well received back in the 90s. However, Scott also expressed some concern over how they would pull off reviving such a beloved show 25 years later because people have changed so much in today’s world compared to when Quantum Leap first aired!

Scott Bakula About “Quantum Leap Reboot”

Reaction from fans on Twitter: I’m just gonna come out and say it- I am not okay with this Scott Bakula news. I love Scott, but he is not the right choice for a reboot of Quantum Leap. Scott will always be Sam to me.

Scott Bakula Talks About "Quantum Leap Reboot"


What do you think about Scott’s reaction?

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Great! The fans are excited and ready for a new series.

It’ll never replace Scott as Sam even though they have different acting styles that might work well in this role together honestly.

“Quantum Leap Reboot” Release Date Speculations

Despite that Quantum Leap is filmed in front of a live audience, they can find another way to make sure that there’s energy and excitement during taping! Scott might even be able to work with his schedule if production decides where they want him next. The location doesn’t need any renovations either because the original series was set all over America (and some parts of Canada).

However, the reboot series has no official update about the release date.


Potential Storyline and Plot Expectations

The series is probably not going to explore Scott’s character; as a professor or his time during World War II. But Scott does hope the writers will consider some of the old episodes’ famous lines; for new developments. But if they don’t include any previous material, Scott wants them to use Sam Beckett’s mission statement: “to right what once went wrong.”

Because it has an optimistic tone; that people can relate with! Scott also thinks that there are still stories; about human rights and social injustice that need telling on TV at this point. While he doesn’t want anything too dark on the Quantum Leap reboot, he’d like something more realistic than before (especially since technology makes everything look so much cooler now).

Cast and Crew Predictions

Scott Bakula

Bob Saget


Donald P. Belisario

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Dean Stockwell

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