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What Causes Internet Outages and How You Can Solve It

Internet Outages

The internet is one of the things that’s keeping the world going. Can you imagine your life without Tik Tok or Instagram? Can you imagine school without all of Google’s help? You can’t. In fact, nobody can. Except maybe the Amish. In this context, when the internet is down, it causes a whole lot of panic. And the fact that such outages happen so frequently is even more frustrating. But don’t worry. You don’t have to remain in the dark about this. Read on to find out why this happens to you and how you can fix it.

Network Congestion

This is one of the most common sources of sluggish internet connection. Network congestion occurs when a large number of people use the same network at once. When this happens, the connection slows down. And in some cases, it stops working altogether.

Hardware Failure

Hardware problems take place all the time. And they’re also likely to disrupt the internet. Hardware failure shows itself when network cables or USB ports are damaged or broken. This can also happen if wires and lines are faulty. Slow internet can also be caused by inconsistent modems.


An internet outage isn’t always caused by a technical problem. It could also be prompted by other sources. These include hackers, malware, or viruses. When these begin attacking your device or modem, your connection slows down and becomes sluggish.


Natural Disasters or Accidents

In case of natural disasters like tornados or hurricanes, internet outages are very common. This is because such disasters destroy underground wiring. They also affect infrastructure and power lines which help connectivity. Such disasters arrive unexpectedly so there’s not much that can be done when they disrupt network connections.

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The above reasons are one of the most common causes of internet outages. Now that you know why your internet connection is acting sluggish, here’s how you can fix it.

The Solutions

Make Sure Your Bill is Paid

This sounds like a no-brainer. But more often than not, it’s the main reason for an internet outage. When you don’t pay your internet bill, your internet service provider will cut off the connection. It’s important to always be regular with bill payments, especially those related to network connections. Life gets busy. It’s easy to forget to pay bills. So, next time your internet slows down or stops, check if you’ve paid the bill. If you haven’t, make the payment as soon as possible to avoid a complete shutdown.

Restart Your Router

This tip goes a long way. It sounds simple but restarting your router is sometimes the easiest way to get your connection working again. Turn your modem off. Once you’ve done this don’t turn it back on instantly. Wait a few minutes. The longer you wait the better. After a minimum of 30 seconds, switch it back on. There’s a good chance your internet connection will work after you’re done restarting your router.


Disconnect Other Connected Devices

Your internet might be slow because a lot of devices are connected to it. Laptops, computers, mobile phones. Even gaming consoles. If this is the case, there’s no surprise when your internet slows down. This is especially common when there’s a party or a large gathering. Because everybody’s phone or device is connected to a single internet network, it starts slowing down. To avoid this, make sure you have just a few important devices connected. This will ensure a fast and efficient internet connection.

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Call Your ISP

Sometimes, this simple act will do the trick. When you’ve tried everything on your own and the internet still isn’t functional, call your internet service provider. Just like you can dial Spectrum 1800 number to deal with any connectivity issues. There’s a chance your ISP is having problems at his end. Sometimes they deal with network congestion and other similar problems which cause slow internet for all their uses. You could also ask them to change your network plan. Check if they have plans for faster, longer-lasting internet. If it’s possible, switch to a different plan.

Change Your Modem

Many people forget this, but modems don’t last forever. In fact, they get damaged very easily. USB ports can be damaged or wires can become faulty. If nothing is working for your internet speed, the problem could be your modem. Consider replacing it with a new one. This way, you’ll finally fix your internet issues.

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