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Horimiya Season 2: All You Need To Know About The Second Run

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When ‘Horimiya’ launched early this year, it became an instant hit. The sweet love tale between two opposing high school students was popular among fans. The Japanese anime series is based on the Hero manga written and illustrated by Hiroki Adachi under the pseudonym. Get to know everything about Horimiya Season 2.

It’s the tale of a beautiful, popular girl and an unsociable guy who met through social networking. They made a promise to keep one another’s secrets, and as they journeyed together, they fell in love.

The anime series had a definitive and pleasant conclusion, but fans are yearning for a continuation of their love story. Is there going to be a ‘Horimiya’ season 2? Here’s what we know so far.

Horimiya Season 2: Will It Be Renewed?

The anime has yet to be renewed for season 2, and it may have a difficult time doing so. The series’ main narrative was completed in the first season. There were no cliffhangers or secrets left to be revealed. The well-rounded conclusion may suggest that the program will not return for season 2 because there is no more story to tell.


Aside from that, the anime adaption also kept up with the manga’s storyline. There will be no more source material for a new season after the manga concluded in March 2021, with chapter 122 publication.

The final episode was based on the manga’s last chapter, with students from Katagiri Senior High School graduating. With no more source material to adapt, season 2 of Horimiya may be canceled.

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Horimiya Season 2 Release Date Possible Predictions:

We already know that ‘Horimiya’ will not be returning for a second season. However, the series is neither confirmed canceled, so there is still a chance for season 2 to materialize.


The first season aired from January 10, 2021, to April 4, 2021, and consisted of 13 episodes. If the series is renewed for a second season, the earliest possible release date will be early 2022 or 2023.

Horimiya Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

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What We Can Expect?

‘Horimiya,’ is about a beautiful and well-liked Kyoko Hori and the introverted Izumi Miyamura. The two attended the same high school, but their social status and demeanor are worlds apart.

However, their personalities in school are intentionally manufactured to escape detection outside of the academic institution’s four walls. Izumi is the guy who leads a more daring existence and dresses up in punk style with piercings and tattoos when he’s out. Meanwhile, Kyoko dons jeans and raises her younger brother Souta.

As the story begins, Emma and Nicholas meet outside of school when they discover each other’s secrets. As the narrative continued, the two made a promise to keep their secrets from their classmates at school. They eventually fell in love with one another as the tale progressed.

They finally confess their love in the last episode, and their friends accepted and supported it. In the final episode of the series, the two were seen to be graduating from high school.


If the show is renewed for season 2, we may see a continuation of Kyoko and Izumi’s relationship. The preceding seasons’ events have already been adapted from the source material. If they want to continue the series, they’ll need to come up with a new narrative.

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