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Zombieland 3: Woody Harrelson Talks About The Third Part

Zombieland 3

Zombieland was a cult film that became an instant hit with audiences back in 2009. Woody Harrelson, who starred as Tallahassee in the original Zombieland, is now giving us all exclusive updates on what’s happening with the upcoming sequel! Harrelson revealed that filming for “Zombieland” will start this summer and he can’t wait to get back into character. Woody said, “I’m so excited to be working with Emma Stone again.”

What are “Zombieland” moves famous for?

There are so many iconic scenes in Zombieland that it’s hard to pick out just one. Woody revealed, “I can’t wait for audiences around the world to experience this new adventure.”

How is Woody Harrelson portraying his character?


Woody was asked if he would be bringing back Tallahassee and Woody said excitedly, “Hell yeah!” He went on to describe how much fun he had playing Tallahassee and why it will be great to get back into the role again.

Is Zombieland 3 Ever Going To Happen? Here's What We Know

Source: Slash

You’ll have a lot to catch up do once you finish reading our exclusive updates! Are you ready?

“Zombieland 3” Renewal and Release Date Updates!

Woody Harrelson says “I would love to do Zombieland 3 because I just love those guys”. Therefore, we can make notes that a 3rd movie is being planned by the makers.

However, no release date has been released yet. As of now, we cannot even speculate one as the filming updates are null. Woody Harrelson has expressed his interest in the film and we hope Woody is ready for Zombieland to come back with a bang.

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This post will be updated as more news on Woody’s return comes! Stay tuned.


Potential Plot Arc and Storyline for “Zombieland 3”

Zombieland was a comic horror movie that did extremely well at the box office. Woody Harrelson played a pivotal role in the 2009 release and he will be back for Zombieland’s third installment pretty soon! Woody has been very vocal about his love for this franchise and we cannot wait to see him return as Tallahassee.

In what capacity Woody is going to appear is being kept under wraps, but from what we hear Woody should definitely have an integral part of “Zombieland”s storyline. Since Woody loved playing Tallahassee so much, it might just turn out to be a brilliant comeback where he plays yet another interesting character that helps save humanity once again.

 Star Cast News

  • Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee
  • Emma Stone as Wichita
  • Abigail Breslin as Little Rock
  • Amber Heard as 406
  • Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus

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