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“High On The Hog” Season 2 – Renewal Status, Release And Cast!

High On The Hog Season 2

“High On The Hog” is back for a second season! High on the hog Season 2 was renewed by the network, and there are many speculations about when it will air. Will it be in January? February? March? Or will you have to wait until summer or fall of 2022?! This blog post looks at all of these questions, as well as some details about what we can expect from High on the hog Season 2.

As one might assume, most of the original cast members are returning for High on The Hog Season 2. However, there are few new additions that you should know about too! One such addition is “The Macho Man”.

About the Series

High On The Hog is a comedy television series. High on the Hog Season One came out in May 2021 and was an immediate hit!

The series High On The Hog follows “Bobby” and his family (wife, three daughters), their friends/neighbors, and how they handle life in suburbia.

Netflix's 'High on the Hog' Will Have a Lasting Impact on Food TV - Eater


High on the hog has been described as “hilarious”, but also touching at times due to its real-world themes such as racism, homophobia, sexism, etc. It’s worth noting that there are no punch lines or laugh tracks included during each episode – it simply makes for a better show this way.

“High On The Hog” Season 2 Renewal and Release Date Updates

High On The Hog Series has been renewed for Season 2 officially as announced by Netflix on their official account. Therefore, fans can finally be happy about Season 2 of the most awaited series.

However, there is no update on the release date. Though we can always speculate a release date, which is a 2022 release. High On The Hog Season is a unique series with no laugh track, which leaves it to the audience’s interpretation.


Potential Plotline and Story Arc for “High On The Hog” Season 2

High On The Hog Season is a unique series with no laugh track, which leaves it to the audience’s interpretation. High on the hog: – Pigs are High on the hog when they live their lives in comfort and luxury. So we can assume that this season would be about living life high. High on power will go against High On The Hog’s main characters who have become comfortable being alive because of what happened last season. It might even show how far each character has come since then in trying to achieve whatever goal or dream they had before zombies turned them into human beings again. Who knows? We’ll just have to wait until 2022!

 Cast and Crew Predictions

There are speculations that other characters can also come back like Momma Thomasina or Colonel Stinkmeaner! They didn’t appear much so far but they were memorable characters from High on the hog Season One. I hope to hear more about their story arc soon!

  • Stephen Satterfield

No other cast and crew member has been confirmed.

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