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“Transatlantic” Series On Netflix – Premeire Date, Cast, And Storyline!

"Transatlantic" Series On Netflix

The Transatlantic TV series on Netflix has been a hot topic for many people since it was announced back in April. Now that the premiere date is finally here, there are plenty of questions to be answered! What will happen? Who will star as the main characters? And what is the plot of Transatlantic all about? In this article, we’ll explore these topics and more as we dive into Transatlantic: Plot, Cast Predictions, and Pre-Premiere Date!

About the Netflix Series “Transatlantic”

The Transatlantic TV series is an upcoming American drama web television miniseries created by Steven Conrad that will air exclusively on Netflix. It stars Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl), Jack O’Connell (Unbroken), and Joe Alwyn (Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk). Transatlantic is a political thriller based in Europe about two young Americans who fall in love during an adventure abroad, only to discover they are being followed by a ruthless assassin with secrets of her own.

“Transatlantic” Release Date Speculations

Netflix has not yet announced a Transatlantic release date, but we can speculate that it will be roughly a month after the series finale of “House of Cards.” If this is true, fans could expect Transatlantic to drop around April or May 2022. What we are certain of right now is that the series is in the production stages. Therefore we can assume that the series will not be released until this year.

"Transatlantic" Series On Netflix

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Potential Storyline and Plot Expectations

While this can only give us a potential idea; of what’s to come in Transatlantic, many fans are curious; as to how characters from one show could crossover; into another. We do know for certain right now; is that there will at least be some character crossovers; between House Of Cards and the series; however, we may likely see more familiar faces; make an appearance throughout the series.

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Plot-wise, little information has been released about the series; besides its premise, which includes two strangers; who become stranded on opposite sides of the Atlantic; after plane crashes – but even then, we don’t know where their crash takes place or any other details.


I think it will be a fantastic series, and I’m looking forward to digging deeper into the mystery behind it, so stay tuned for more!

Cast and Crew Predictions

Transatlantic is a brand new Netflix series that I am personally very excited about! The series will be starting as an eight-episode mini-series which means we’re not going to get too much information until the first episode premieres. However, there has been plenty of speculation online about its cast and crew members who may join this project so let’s take a look at some of those guesses.

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