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“Ten Year Old Tom” Animated Series – Release Date On HBO Max!

"Ten Year Old Tom"

“Ten Year Old Tom” is an animated series that follows the life of “Tom”. “Tom”‘s life takes a drastic turn when he tries to help his family with their financial struggles. “Ten Year Old Tom” will be released on HBO Max in 2021!

About the Animated Series “Ten Year Old Tom”

Ten Year Old Tom” will follow “Tom”, an animated character who tries to help his family financially after they lose their house due to financial struggles. “Ten Year Old Tom” was created by “Dan Elish”. “Barry Sonnenfeld” is the executive producer of the show, and “Troy Miller” is directing! The creators of “American Dad!” are working with animation studio Titmouse for this series.

“Ten Year Old Tom” Official Release Date

“Ten Year Old Tom” will be released on “HBO Max” in 2021! And now we have an official release date by the makers of the show. The animated series is scheduled to release on 30th September 2021. “Barry Sonnenfeld” and “Troy Miller” will be involved with “Ten Year Old Tom”, who both worked on “American Dad!” as well. “Dan Elish” is the creator of this new animated show, which was initially announced last year in October!

Ten Year Old Tom Trailer Debuts HBO Max's New Adult Animated Series


The idea behind “Ten Year Old Tom” is that it’s a cartoon about an adult man trying to live life as if he were still a child. In fact, “Tommy Callahan Junior.” does not have any responsibilities at all since his parents are taking care of him financially by being forced out from their own house due to financial struggles.

 Speculated Story Arc and Plotline Details

“Ten Year Old Tom” will be an animated television series on HBO Max, which is a new streaming service that was announced this year by Warner Media.

The series “Ten Year Old Tommy Callahan Jr.” does not have any responsibility since his parents are taking care of him financially due to struggling with their own house.


“Tommy Callahan Junior.” has no motivations and just wants to play video games all day long while living at home forever! He also tries to sneak into bars because he doesn’t want anyone telling him what to do or how to live life as if it were the way it’s supposed to be for adults.

Voice Cast

As of now, we do not have any star cast updates for the series. It’s a surprise for the fans.

  • Steve Dildarian – Creator
  • Nick Weidenfeld

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