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“Everybody’s Talking About Jamie 2” – Is The Movie Happening?

"Everybody's Talking About Jamie 2"

It’s been a while since “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” premiered on Amazon Prime Video, so it makes sense that fans are wondering “Whatever happened to “Jamie 2”? The sequel to the groundbreaking original was confirmed in October of last year. With that being said, there has been no news about “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie 2” since then. Is this movie still happening?

About the Movie “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie 2”

“Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” was a breakout hit for Amazon Prime Video. The movie told the story of Jamie New, a 16-year old boy from Sheffield who wants to be “normal”. He doesn’t want to answer anybody and he lives his life as such. After all, this is an important time in anyone’s life when they “try to be somebody”.

With so much success surrounding “Jamie”, fans are wondering what comes next? Is there another part to the story or did they decide to stop after one film? Nobody knows because there hasn’t been any news regarding “Jamie” since October last year when the sequel was confirmed by Amazon Studios’ representative.

“Everybody’s Talking About Jamie 2” Release Date Expectations

There are no plans for “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie 2” as of now. Amazon representatives did reveal that they will be making a sequel for the movie. However, no updates have been revealed on the release of the movie.


Everyone is talking about “Jamie” and wondering if there will be another movie, what the plot of “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie The Movie” could be, or when it might come out. There has been no news since August but Amazon Studios confirmed in November that they are making a sequel to “Jamie”. No one knows yet for sure when this film will come out.

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Story Arc and Potential Storyline

“Jamie,” tells the story of an aspiring teenage dancer named Jamie New, played by actor John McCrea, who grew up in Sheffield and was raised within the strict confines of Jehovah’s Witness household.

“Jamie” documents how he uses dance as an escape mechanism against all odds to find acceptance into school; then goes through series of near misses before giving him chance at stardom.

“The film shows how he overcomes adversity to fulfill his dream.” “Jamie’s story is a journey that deals with the issue of homophobia, and also love in a very innocent way.


Star Cast and Crew

  • Jonathan Butterell
  • Tom MacRae
  • Dan Gillespie Sells
  • Anne Dudley

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