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Law School Season 2 – Release Date, Star Cast Updates, And Storyline!

Law School Season 2

We’re back! Law School Season 2 is just around the corner, and we have all of the latest updates for you to keep upon. In this article, we will discuss Law School Season 2 release date, cast updates, and storyline. Law School Season 1 was a huge hit with over 10 million views so far – so get ready for Law School Season 2!

About the Kdrama Series “Law School”

Law School Season Two is a South Korean Kdrama series directed by Choi Sung Bum. Law School follows the story of three best friends who enter Law School together in hopes of becoming big-time lawyers one day. The show Law school isn’t easy for these three friends as they go through their classes, part-time jobs, and personal lives that may get in the way.

“Law School” Season 2 Renewal Status and Release Date Updates

Law School Season Two is currently in pre-production. It was reported that the Law School production team; plans to air Law School season two during late 2021 or early 2022, if not sooner. Law school isn’t easy for these three friends; as they go through their classes, part-time jobs, and personal lives that may get in the way. However, there has been no update on an official release date.

Will Law School Return for Season 2 on Netflix?

Source: Premiere Date.News

Speculated Storyline and Plot Details for “Law School” Season 2

Law School Season Two will continue to follow the lives of three friends as they go through law school. It has been noted that Law School is inspired by popular cultures TV shows such as Suits and How To Get Away With Murder which makes perfect sense since Law School season one episodes are currently available on Netflix Canada, Amazon Prime Video, and Mubi.

Will there be any plot twists 

Law School Season Two will not contain any plot twists. However, it has been confirmed that Law School Season one main characters Danny and Angie is no longer dating in Law school season two which may contribute to some drama between other cast members.

Cast and Crew Updates!

The three are expected to bring more drama in Law School season two as the new semester begins at Johnson University.


Some of the linked cast and crew members are:

  • Han Joon-hwi
  • Yang Jong-hoon
  • Kim Eun-sook
  • Kang Sol A
  • Seo Ji-ho
  • Ko Hyeong-us
  • Yoo Seung-Jae

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