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Netflix “Devil In Ohio” – Plot Synopsis, Release Date, And Cast Details

Netflix "Devil In Ohio"

Netflix has been working hard to expand their original content, and they have a new series coming out called “Devil In Ohio.” Netflix is known for its suspenseful dramas, so it’s no surprise that the upcoming show will be just as good. This post will give you all of the information you need about Netflix “Devil In Ohio” including plot synopsis, release date, cast & characters!

About the Series “Devil In Ohio”

Netflix has not released any additional information about the story of Netflix “Devil In Ohio”, only that it will be an hour-long drama about two young women who go up against the devil himself in Cleveland, OH! Netflix describes their new show as “a modern retelling of the infamous murder spree by Richard Speck.

We do know more details regarding what this upcoming Netflix series is all though!

Release Date Speculations

The Netflix “Devil In Ohio” release date is speculated to be in 2021-22, but Netflix has not confirmed this. The fans are eagerly waiting for updates on the release date. However, makers are currently more focused on the development of the series rather than teasing it to the fans. Therefore, we will have to wait a bit longer for this series’ release.

Emily Deschanel To Lead Netflix Thriller Series 'Devil In Ohio'


Plotline and Story Details

Netflix “Devil In Ohio” Netflix is an upcoming series, which will be based on the infamous murder spree by Richard Speck. This Netflix original series has been created and directed by James Franco who co-wrote it with his brother Dave Franco.

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The Netflix original “Devil In Ohio” plotline focuses on a college student named Joan as she sets out for her first semester at college in Toledo’s Mercy Hospital School of Nursing to earn a degree that would allow her to escape from her small-town life back home. But little does she know about what lies ahead?

There have been no announcements regarding who will be on Netflix’s “Devil in Ohio” or the roles they will portray. We do know that it’s an hour-long drama series and Netflix says there are two young women at its center… so we can guess some of their character’s names based on what little information Netflix shared with us about show details. The girls might be best friends? Sisters? Maybe even strangers are thrown into a terrifying situation together?!


Cast and Crew Announcement for “Devil In Ohio”


  • Sam Jaeger
  •  Alisha Newton
  • Naomi Tan
  •  Gerardo Celasco
  • Xaria Dotson
  • Madeleine Arthur


  •  John Fawcett
  • Leslie Hope
  • Steve Adelson
  • Brad Anderson

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