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“Pretty Smart” New Netflix Series – What We Know So Far?


Netflix has been on a roll lately with its “original” content. “Pretty Little Liars” is ending soon, so they have started to release new shows to keep viewers hooked and entertained. “Pretty Smart,” a new Netflix series that’s expected to be released this summer, follows two college freshmen who are just trying to get by at school while also dealing with the pressures of being young women in today’s society.

Pretty Smart' on Netflix: Watch the First Trailer For Emily Osment's New  Sitcom | Decider


About the Netflix Series “Pretty Smart”

Use “Pretty Smart” to get a feel for what’s expected in the series, but don’t take it too seriously. “Pretty Little Liars” is setting up “Pretty Smart,” so there are bound to be some similarities between the two shows. There will likely be an overarching mystery that “Smart” characters Mary and Kara solve while also trying their best not to attract any attention from campus bullies or other dangerous parties involved with the show. It seems like this will definitely give off that PLL vibe! “Beauty & The Beast” fans should tune into “Pretty Smart.”

“Pretty Smart” Release Date Announcement by Netflix

The series has been announced officially by Netflix, and it will be streaming soon on the OTT Platform. The fans seem really excited as anything on Netflix gains a lot of attention. The plotline seems to be really intriguing, and the teenagers are looking forward to this new comedy series after their favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine comes to an end.

Pretty Smart is scheduled to premiere on 8th October 2021.

“Pretty Smart” Story Arc and Potential Plotline

There are speculations that “Pretty Smart” will be a story arc of “The Perfectionists.”


If the show is indeed inspired by “The Perfectionists,” then there seems to be no doubt about it that this new series will have an interesting plotline. The storyline might include some mysteries and crimes with many suspects involved in them, just like “Pretty Little Liars.” One thing for sure, fans definitely want more details on all these things as Netflix has kept everything under wraps till now.

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Will there be any plot twists in the series?

It is also said that the series might feature some new characters while keeping old ones from “Pretty Little Liars.” However, there are no details about it available yet. There have been reports suggesting that “Pretty Smart” would revolve around the life of five teenage girls who get to know each other in college and eventually bond over their hatred for a mutual enemy. But nothing has been confirmed so far. So fans can hope for anything regarding these rumors or just wait till Netflix drops more news on them!

Star Cast Updates for Netflix’s “Pretty Smart”

  • Cinthya Carmona
  • Emily Osment
  • Gregg Sulkin
  • Olivia Macklin
  • Michael Hsu Rosen
  • Alexandra Scott

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