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Adding Music to Video? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

About 65% of the population on this planet is comprised of visual learners, while 30% of the individuals are auditory learners. The remaining 5% are kind kinesthetic learners, which means they need to smell, taste, and touch objects to get familiar with them.

These statistics clearly put down the importance of video as a powerful tool for grabbing individuals’ minds and hearts. With the right mix of audio, video has the power of evoking all the sensors while making people experience a complete range of emotions.

Here, we will get a clear understanding of choosing and Adding Music to Video Online and making both the media work together in the perfect manner.

Understanding Background and Foreground Music

First, you must have a very clear understanding of the difference between background and foreground music. When you are clear on this, it will get easier for you to decide on the type of music you would like to go with.


It is best to use foreground music in videos showing people engaged in certain activities without communication or talking. In such videos, audio is the main focus. Background music works best for videos where the matter or the communication between the characters is the focal point.

Understanding this difference and working on it will help you create the best visual matter.

Respecting the Copyright Is Important

Regulations, you need to keep them in mind. Once you are done with this part, it will get easier for you to move on with more inspiring and creative stuff.

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To start with, you might know that almost every little thing on the internet is copyrighted, and music is no exception. You need permission to use music from the web. Do not neglect this important factor as it can land you in great trouble.


The music platforms online are very strict with the use of copyrighted content in videos making compliance with all regulations an important factor. If you are thinking of cheating them, then sorry, you would not be successful in this effort.

That’s because the algorithms in this field are very smart, and they can easily detect all kinds of copyright infringements in a matter of few minutes. You would not abide by the rules only to find that you have spent a lot of time on creating the video, but you cannot share it due to copyright problems.

Choose the Right Track

Once you are done with the copyright thing, it is time for you to decide on the role music’s hottest look will play in your video. Depending on this, you can start pondering on the tone of the music. If you are making a video with a positive theme, go for happy and peppy music.

On the contrary, serious videos should have a somber music tone. Music eliciting emotions will be useful for emotional videos, while jazz music would be great for videos showing turbulence and tension.



Adding good quality music to videos is very effective in changing the viewers’ experience and thought procedure. Define your overall purpose behind making the video and consider the mood and tone of your video when choosing music.

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Choose music correlating with your video, and you are good to go!


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