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Owen Wilson In Disney’s “Haunted Mansion” – Everything We Know So Far!

Owen Wilson In Disney's "Haunted Mansion"

This is Owen Wilson’s first Disney film since The Cat in the Hat. Owen will be playing a lead character in the upcoming film “Haunted Mansion.” What we know so far about Owen Wilson In Disney’s “Haunted Mansion” is that it will be set in an abandoned mansion and involve characters from the classic Haunted Mansion attraction at Disneyland. Owen was spotted on set with other cast members yesterday wearing a top hat and tails! Keep reading to find out more information about this hot new movie!

About the Movie “Haunted Mansion”

The film is based on the classic Haunted Mansion attraction at Disneyland and Disney World. Owen was spotted on set wearing top hats and tails!

Eddie Murphy, who has been rumored to be playing the role of “the ghost host,” also recently joined the cast in costume as well! In this new film, there are even more spooky surprises. Stay tuned for updates throughout production!!

What will the movie be about?


It does not seem like there has been a lot revealed about the actual plot so far, but Owen Wilson’s character seems to have two jobs- one as a real estate agent selling homes and another role aboard an old ship that looks very creepy indeed. What could these roles mean? Stay tuned as updates begin releasing as filming continues!!

“Haunted Mansion” Reboot Release Date Speculations

Rumors are that the release date for this film will be 2022. However, the fans are speculating on an early 2022 release because the plot being very similar to the original movie. However, we don’t know that yet. But the casting of Owen Wilson has made it even more interesting for fans to keep speculating a release date for the “Haunted Mansion” Reboot on Disney!

Owen Wilson Joins Disney's Haunted Mansion


Owen Wilson In Disney’s “Haunted Mansion” Reboot

Owen Wilson has been rising in fame since he starred alongside; Vince Vaughn in his 1996 breakout hit, “Wedding Crashers.” As of today, Owen Wilson’s net worth sits at a whopping 75 million dollars. His upcoming role as The Ghost Host will not only bring him back to Disney but also into new territory by playing an actual character instead of just having a voiceover job or brief appearance.

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“Haunted Mansion” Potential Plotline and Story Synopsis

With Owen Wilson’s character being The Ghost Host, who better to play his love interest than long-time Disney sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence? That seems like an easy match for all parties involved. While the plot of this movie may or may not involve Owen Wilson trying to put together a wedding with Miss Lawrence as they continue their unusual ghostly romance in spooky style, we can’t say for sure at this point.

“Haunted Mansion” Cast and Crew Details

The cast and crew tied in with “Haunted Mansion” will likely be announced very soon since production is slated to begin in August 2021! We’ll update you on any new info that comes out when it does but stay tuned!

  • Lakeith Stanfield as Ben Matthias
  • Tiffany Haddish¬†as Harriet
  • Owen Wilson
  • Rosario Dawson

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