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“Extraction 2” Actor Chris Hemsworth Shares His Preparation Details For Filming!

"Extraction 2"

Chris Hemsworth, the actor who played Thor in “Extraction 2,” recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Tonight and talked about his preparation for filming. The movie is already in the development stages, so we won’t have to wait long before we get to see the finished product.

About the Original Movie “Extraction”

The story follows an ex-operative who comes out of retirement for one last job involving high-tech mercenaries. After being betrayed during an assignment, he sets off on a brutal rampage, hunting down those responsible.

“Extraction” is an upcoming American action crime thriller film directed by Steven C Miller and written by Chad St. John.

About Chris Hemsworth’s Preparations for Filming

On being asked about his preparations from acting to physical fitness, he replied that he was already a huge fan of MMA fighting, so it felt natural for him to work on those aspects well as the stunts which he had to perform in the film.

Netflix's Extraction 2: Release Date & Story Details

Source: Screen

“I had to do fight scenes with Gina Carano, who is a professional MMA fighter, and I just kept getting beat up by her. And then we would have to shoot the scene where she beats me up, so that was kind of embarrassing!” he added smilingly.

“Extraction 2” Filming and Release Date Updates

“The filming of Extraction began at the end of November 2021 and was expected to be complete within two months time frame for its summer release but due to some issues it got delayed till now.”

However, we do not have a release date. The cast is pretty much finalized, and the plot has been written. The shooting will begin soon later this year. And it will take almost a year to film the scenes. Therefore, it would be unhealthy for fans to expect the movie in early 2022.

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The speculated release of the movie is in 2023.

Story Details and Plot Synopsis for “Extraction 2”

If you enjoyed reading about “Extraction,” then don’t wait more because Chris Hemsworth’s upcoming movie Extraction is all set to entertain us with its thrilling storyline along with his exceptional acting skills on screen.

The movie is the sequel of “Extraction,” and this time around, Hemsworth’s character will be joined by other actors like Bruce Willis.

Although we don’t have a release date yet, as reported earlier on our site, we can expect it to hit theaters later in 2022 or early 2023.


However, the plotline is not very clear.

“Extraction 2” Star Cast and Characters

  • Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake
  • Randeep Hooda as Saju Rav
  • Pankaj Tripathi as Ovi Mahajan Sr.
  • David Harbour as Gaspar
  • Neha Mahajan as Neysa Rav
  • Rudhraksh Jaiswal as Ovi Mahajan

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