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“Blue Period” Anime – Release Date, Voice Cast, And Storyline!


An “anime” is a Japanese style of animation that is popular around the world. “Blue Period” will be released in November and features a voice cast such as Kana Ueda, who voiced “Kotori Kanbe” in “Clannad,” “Gumi Megpoid V4X,” and “Mizuka Nagamori.” The story focuses on the main character, Akira Okada, who has been forced to move from Tokyo to live with her grandmother in Kagoshima for one year. The show follows Akira’s life there and how she grows into an adult!

About the Anime “Blue Period”

“Blue Period” is a 12 episode anime that will be released in the Fall/Winter of 2021. It was directed by Kawamori Shoji, who has worked on “Macross Frontier,” “Aquarion Evol,” and “Infinite Ryvius.” The series features character designs from Fukai Hiroaki (“Laughing Under the Clouds”), stage concept art from Shibukawa Harumi (“Kiddy Grade”), animation production from Satelight Inc., which produced “Log Horizon,” and musical composition from MONACA – TEAM Entertainment (“Naruto Shippuden”).

“Blue Period” Official Release Date

“Blue Period” will be released on “Netflix Japan” beginning Fall/Winter 2021. All Manga and Anime fans have been eagerly waiting for this one. The anime “Blue Period” created hype even before any major information was released about it. And finally, the makers have come up with a release date for the series.

Everything about the 'Blue Period' anime adaptation! - The News Fetcher

Source: The News

“Blue Period” will release on 2nd October 2021. Therefore, fans have all right to be excited and delighted about it!

Plot Details and Storyline for “Blue Period”

A young woman named Akiraada moves to Kagoshima to pursue her dream of becoming a “toreishi” – someone who can paint “blue pictures.” The anime follows Akiraada as she pursues this goal.

Will there be any plot twists in the anime?

No. “Blue Period” has not revealed its storyline just yet.

What is “Toreishi”?


“Toreishi” is a term used in Japanese art which means “painting blue pictures.” It refers to landscapes painted with only blues and greens, with no other colors involved – thus creating an impressionistic effect on the viewers of the painting. These paintings were often done by versatile artists like Mary Cassatt, Camille Pissarro, Berthe Morisot among others.

“Blue Period” Voice Cast Updates

The complete voice cast for “Blue Period” was also revealed! At the moment, they are all confirmed to be reprising their roles from the game.

  • Hiromu Mineta
  • Yumiri Hanamori
  • ¬†Daiki Yamashita
  • Kengo Kawanishi

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