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Gavin O’Connor Talks About The “Warrior” TV Show!

warrior tv show

Gavin O’Connor, actor of the movie “Warrior,” talks about his experience with the show and what audiences should expect. Gavin is very passionate about this project, and it shows in his interview, where he shares a lot of details about the plot as well as how much work went into casting such an amazing cast. This article will give you all the information you need to know before watching this new show!

About the Series “Warrior”

A group of war veterans has to figure out how they are going to adjust back; into society again as well as train for their own tournament, with money as their prize. The protagonist, who used to be an MMA fighter before joining the army, decides to form his team; from all those he meets along this journey which includes other vets like him but also people that had nothing whatsoever to do with fighting or violence, such as a high school dropout.

The movie starred Tom Hardy as the lead role, Nick Nolte, and Joel Edgerton, who is Gavin’s brother in real life too!

Gavin O’Connor confirms his Movie “Warrior” will have a Series Reboot

According to Gavin O’Connor, the action scenes were very difficult to film because they wanted all of them to look absolutely authentic, so he would only use real MMA fighters instead of stunt doubles, etc. Except when it came down to face shots, during which a double had to be used since there was no way around it really due to the risk of injuries.


Director Gavin O'Connor Talks 'Warrior' After 10 Years, The Upcoming TV  Adaptation & His 'Suicide Squad' Script [The Playlist Podcast]

Source: The

O’Connor also said that the series is about nothing whatsoever to do with fighting or violence, such as being a high school dropout.
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“Warrior” Series Release Date Speculations!

We do not have an official release date for the series yet. Gavin O’Connor said that they are going to make the pilot first, which is due in January. He also added, however, that if everything goes well and the series gets approved for season one, it will be aired sometime around September or October next year.

Therefore, fans cannot speculate any date shortly.

“Warrior” Series Plot Expectations and Story Synopsis!

The series is about two brothers who are both struggling to cope with life after they return home from war. One of them has become an alcoholic while the other struggles for his family to get by. The older brother then decides that he wants to be a mixed martial arts fighter to earn money, but it also helps him find redemption and direction in life once again.

Gavin O’Connor said that “Warrior” would focus on big themes like what people do when they come back home, how far you can push yourself before your body cannot take it anymore, and whether you should fight or walk away sometimes. It sounds pretty serious, which could make this one quite different than other MMA shows out there!


Star Cast Predictions for the “Warrior” Series

There are no updates on the star cast of the series yet. However, some faces from the original movie might return.

  • Charlie Smith
  • Jennifer Morrison
  • Vanessa Martinez
  • Gavin O’Connor
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