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Bruce Willis In “Survive The Game” – Everything We Know So Far!


Bruce Willis is back and starring in a new thriller, “Survive The Game.” Bruce Willis has been on a roll lately with his roles as Detective John McClane in the “Die Hard” series and Joe Hallenbeck in the film “The Whole Nine Yards.” Bruce’s latest role is that of Adam Foster, who wakes up after being knocked unconscious at an airport. While trying to figure out what happened, he discovers that everyone around him has mysteriously disappeared. Bruce Willis must find his wife before it’s too late!

About the Film “Survive The Game”

Bruce Willis in “Survive The Game” is about a man who wakes up after being knocked out at the airport. Bruce must figure out what happened to everyone around him before it’s too late!

“Survive The Game” Premiere Date

“Survive The Game” will premiere on 8th October 2021. Bruce Willis fans are in for a treat! The movie is sure gonna be very interesting because it is a thriller and has Bruce Willis in it. The detective movie has already intrigued several fans, and it is increasing in count every day.

“Survive The Game” Speculated Storyline and Plot Summary

“Survive The Game” Bruce Willis has to survive 24 hours of hunting by a bunch of killers so that he can get the prize. Bruce tries his best to solve the mystery behind this game and also save himself from being killed before time runs out!


Bruce Willis Cast Bruce Wills has been finalized as one of the stars to play a major role in this action-thriller game where there is no limit on how many murders you commit during your hunt or how much cash you make out it before dying.

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Potential Plot Twists in “Survive The Game” Movie

Bruce Willis is not the killer. Bruce tries his best to escape from being killed by these killers but fails time and again till he finally decides that attacking back might help him survive longer!

Fans across the world are eagerly waiting for this thriller cum mystery to get released so they can watch Bruce fight against all odds with his smartness!

Cast Members in “Survive The Game”

Bruce Willis is playing David, who wakes up at an airport with amnesia. Does he then realize it’s 12 hours until someone kills him – or maybe not? A detective film full of twists every minute will keep everyone on their feet till the end! Other actors include:

  • Sarah Roemer as Hanna
  • Bruce Willis as David
  • Chad Michael Murray as Eric
  • Sean Kanan as Ed
  • Yulia Klass as Lisa
  • Swen Temmel as Cal
  • Simon Phillips as English
  • Zack Ward as Mickey
  • Donna D’Errico as Carly
  • Michael Shirow as Frank
  • James Cullen Bressack as Weather Man

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