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Kid Cosmic Season 2: What Do We Know So Far?

Kid Cosmic Season 2

Buckle up, everyone! It’s time for a new season of Kid Cosmic. The first episode is going to be coming out soon, and we have some juicy details about what’s in store for us this season. In this post, we’ll tell you everything there is to know so far about the upcoming episodes and all the cool things that are going on with our favorite space adventurer.

Kids Cosmic Season 2 The Latest Updates

Two reasons to celebrate Netflix’s animated series Kid Cosmic fans today. The show has been renewed for seasons 2 and 3, and the trailer for the second season, which will premiere on September 7, has already been released.

The show’s second season will debut just seven months after the premiere of Season 1, giving fans two seasons in one year and a slew of new installments for Season 3.

Craig McCracken, who is best known for bringing to life fan-favorite Cartoon Network series like The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, created Kid Cosmic.

Kid Cosmic Season 2: Is It Renewed At Netflix? Know What's Coming!


Lauren Faust, who co-wrote The Powerpuff Girls and created My Little Pony for television, returned to collaborate with Kid Cosmic once again. Francisco Angones, who recently developed the new version of DuckTales for Disney XD, was also involved. Rob Renzetti, creator of Dexter’s Laboratory and My Life as a Teenage Robot Rob Renzetti, an animation veteran from the original series

  • The Kid, voiced by Jack Fisher
  • Papa G voiced by Keith Ferguson
  • Jo voiced by Amanda C. Miller
  • Rosa voiced by Lily-Rose Silver
  • Chuck voiced by Tom Kenny

The Kid is a 9-year-old boy who has always wanted to be a superhero and whose desires come true when he discovers five cosmic stones that will allow him to defend the planet from aliens attackers. He is joined by his grandpa, Papa G, Jo, a waitress who becomes an important part of their team as they journey across the universe together.

In the second season trailer, Kid Cosmic and his crew travel to space, try to survive a meteor shower, and deal with numerous more dangers, with Star Wars and Marvel references scattered throughout. Be on the lookout for Kid Cosmic Season 2 when it debuts on Netflix on September 7.

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