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The Dragon Prince Season 4 – Renewal Updates, Release Date, Star Cast, And Storyline!

the dragon prince season 4

The Dragon Prince Season 4 is set to release in 2022, and fans are eagerly awaiting new episodes. The show has been on hiatus since 2018, but the team behind The Dragon Prince assures us that it’s coming back with a bang! The previous 3 seasons have been critically acclaimed by both critics and audiences alike, so we’re excited to see what they do next.

The show follows two human princes who embark on an epic quest to uncover their true destiny – only to find themselves at odds with the very people they were trying to save.

About the Series “The Dragon Prince”

Dragon Prince is one of those rare gems that people stumble upon and can’t stop talking about. The show’s blend of stunning animation, an intriguing plotline, endearing characters, and a unique world has given it a cult following among viewers. The series follows the journey of two human princes (Callum and Ezran) who make friends with Rayla – an elf assassin sent to kill them for their father. Together they set out on a quest to find magic in order to save both kingdoms from impending war!

“The Dragon Prince” Season 4 Renewal Status

The renewal status of The Dragon Prince Season is currently unknown. However, the show’s creator – Aaron Ehasz, has confirmed that he and Justin Richmond are in talks for a fourth season! The producers have also revealed that they would be focusing on what happens after Callum and Ezran find magic. So we will probably get to see some interesting plot twists taking place during the next installment!

“The Dragon Prince” Release Date for Season 4

There hasn’t been any official news about The Dragon Prince premiere date yet. But we can expect it to air sometime in 2022 or 2023. Netflix usually releases one new series per year, so fans should start marking their calendars down if they want to catch up; before then, We’ve had an entire year to wait; between The Dragon Prince season three and four, so it’s not that long of a wait. The first two seasons aired within one year apart from each other, but they were produced by different studios. We can expect the same to happen with The Dragon Prince Season Four for Netflix to coordinate its schedule better during the production process.

Storyline and Plot Details for “The Dragon Prince” Season 4

The Dragon Prince follows the story of two human princes, Callum and Ezran. Humans live in a world where magic is everywhere, but it’s never used because they are not allowed to by their ancestors’ laws set forth hundreds of years ago. The elves who have been around for thousands of years use magic freely with no restrictions whatsoever. The dragons also exist, but only very few people know about them, which makes hunting dragons illegal as well without proper authority is given from the king or queen directly.


A dragon egg was found one day by a soldier named Rayla; she has encountered many adventures throughout her life that made her into an experienced fighter, although most of those events were actually caused by her own mistakes and reckless behavior, something she’ll have to learn.

“The Dragon Prince” Season 4 Voice Cast and Characters Guide

  • Prince Callum (voiced by Jack DeSena)
  • Ezran (voiced by Sasha Rojen)
  • Rayla (voiced by Paula Burrows)
  • Viren (voiced by Jason Simpson)
  • Commander Gren (voiced by Adrian Petriw)
  • Queen Aanya (voiced by Zelda Ehasz)
  • Prince Kasef (voiced by Vincent Tong)

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