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Exclusive Updates: Maria Bakalova’s To Be The Lead Cast In “The Honeymoon”!

the honemoon

Maria Bakalova, a rising star in the industry, has just announced that she will be starring in her first major motion picture. Maria plays the lead role of Maria in “The Honeymoon,” a film about Maria’s relationship. The movie is set to release in March 2022 and is expected to be an instant blockbuster.

The world knows Maria for her work as Maria on YouTube, where she posts videos about beauty tutorials and makeup tips. She gained international acclaim when she became the youngest person ever to win Best Makeup Artist at the Oscars back in 2018!

About the Rom-Com Movie “The Honeymoon”

Maria Bakalova will be the lead cast in “The Honeymoon.” The movie is set to release in March 2022. It’s expected to do well at the box office due to Maria’s recognition from her YouTube channel, Maria_Bakalova.

Borat' Star Maria Bakalova Cast in Rom-Com 'The Honeymoon' | List23: Latest  U.S. News & Breaking World News


Maria has just announced that she will be starring in her first major motion picture, and it marks a new chapter for an already successful career! Maria plays Maria in “The Honeymoon,” which tells a fictional story about Maria’s love life. With much anticipation, fans are excited to see what else Maria can bring them as they anticipate; its premiere next year – not only on screen but also through social media, where news of this film is to spread like wildfire across Maria’s social media accounts.

Maria will also play Sarah in the film, a girl who falls for her best friend and has to make some tough life decisions; about love and friendship. Maria says this was an easy role to take on as she can relate so much; with Sarah – both of them are based on Maria herself!


“The Honeymoon” Release Date Speculations

Fans are really excited for this rom-com to air next year because recently, there has been a sudden increase in followers for this genre. Considering the success of movies like “The Kissing Booth” and “To All The Boys,” we are all very eager for this one.

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However, we do not have a release date for the movie yet. Director Dean Craig hinted that it would be releasing sometime in 2022.

“The Honeymoon” Plotline and Story Synopsis

“The Honeymoon” is a romantic comedy set in Europe, and Maria Bakalova’s character Sarah has been described as “a confident young woman who runs to the beat of her own drum.”

Sarah meets Gabriel during an online gaming session. The two gamers end up falling for each other without meeting, so they decide to start dating in real life too.


As their relationship gets more serious, Gabriela ends up choosing between his family commitments and being with his girlfriend. Will it be love or duty? Find out this coming 2022!

Cast and Crew Updates for “The Honeymoon”

  • Maria Bakalova – Actor
  •  Pico Alexander – Actor
  • Asim Chaudhry – Actor
  •  Lucas Bravo – Actor
  • Guglielmo Marchetti – Producer
  • Piers Tempest – Producer

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