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Exclusive Updates About Kyle Chandler In Mayor Of Kingstown!

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Kyle Chandler is set to star in the comedy Mayor of Kingstown, which will be directed by Hugh Dillion. Kyle Chandler’s character, Harrison Hartman, is a small-town mayor who has never left his hometown until he gets an opportunity to run for President. Hugh Dillion said, “I’m thrilled that Kyle Chandler will play my father.”

About the Series “Mayor Of Kingstown”

Kyle said that he loved playing this role because it was so different from any other characters that audiences had seen him play before and gave fans a great laugh!

Kyle Chandler plays a small-town mayor who has never left his hometown until he gets an opportunity to run for President. Kyle’s character, Harrison Hartman, joins forces with another presidential candidate to prevent the front-runner from winning. Kyle said that it was “The most fun I’ve had on set.”

“Mayor Of Kingstown” Release Date Announcement

Kyle Chandler will star in a new TV series called “Mayor Of Kingstown.” Kyle is an Emmy Award-winning actor and has been featured on many popular shows, including The Wolf of Wall Street, Bloodline, Supernatural, Friday Night Lights. Kyle said he was excited to be a part of this hilarious show!

Mayor of Kingstown Trailer Reveals Taylor Sheridan's New Series Starring Kyle Chandler and Jeremy Renner


The next big project that Kyle Chandler has lined up work-wise is the tv series ‘Mayor Of Kingstown.’ This upcoming comedy will also feature other top actors like Mark Rylance from Bridge of Spies; they are set to play presidential candidates who join forces when one candidate threatens another’s chances at being elected president. The series is set to release on November 14, 2021.

“Mayor Of Kingstown” Plotline and Story Synopsis

Kyle Chandler stars as the President of an unknown country in this comedy. His character, along with Mark Rylance’s candidate for president, must work together to win when one threatens another’s chances of being elected.

Mark Rylance Bridge Of Spies Kyle portrays a U.S. president; who has his hands full trying to manage both domestic and international affairs; while also preparing to launch his reelection campaign in “Mayor Of Kingstown.” The series is set during Kyle Rylance plays characters; running against each other; for election as the United States’ first presidential nominee; since Donald Trump was voted into office two years earlier; it follows their unlikely alliance after one becomes a threat to the other’s chance winning years earlier.


Cast and Characters for “Mayor Of Kingstown”

  • Jeremy Renner as Mike McClusky
  • Dianne Wiest as Miriam McClusky
  • Taylor Handley as Kyle McClusky
  • Kyle Chandler as Mitch McClusky
  • Emma Laird as Iris

Will the Series “Mayor Of Kingstown” be worth watching?

Kyle Chandler reveals his insights on the series and some exclusive updates! Kyle let fans know that he would be playing a role in “Mayor Of Kingstown” back when it was first announced. He will play the main character, who is also named Kyle McClusky – so we’re assuming; there’s going to be lots of name-dropping throughout this political storyline. We’ve seen Kyle portray interesting roles before (mostly as the father or husband), but for now, we’ll have to wait and see what kind of performance he brings to his new title role.

Kyle explained why audiences should care about “Mayor Of Kingstown.” It looks like Kyle hasn’t given up hope just yet with telling stories through the series.

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