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Eddie Murphy And Jonah Hill Team-Up for A New Netflix Comedy!

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Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill are teaming up for a new Netflix comedy, Eddie Murphy: Delirious. Eddie’s first stand-up special in 30 years will be brought to the world by his longtime friend and director of Eddie Murphy Raw, Larry Charles. The two have partnered with Netflix for the project.

About the New Netflix Comedy by Kenya Barris

Murphy and Jonah Hill team up for Eddie Murphy New Netflix Comedy. The two have partnered with Netflix for Eddie Murphy: Delirious under their company ‘Hilliard Productions.’

Eddie Murphy is known for his stand-up specials, including 1983’s Eddie Murphy Raw. He hasn’t done one since 1987’s Eddie Murphy: Live on Broadway. Eddie has also had several successful film careers, from movies like Beverly Hills Cop to Dreamgirls and Shrek series. His most recent roles include Meet Dave and A Thousand Words, which flopped at the box office but went on to become a cult classic among fans of bad cinema!

Jonah Hill started his career with stand-up gigs in Hollywood and has since become one of the most popular comedy actors. He appeared on several different TV shows before finding success in movies like Superbad which is considered to be a modern classic. Jonah Hill went on to star alongside Channing Tatum in 21 Jump Street reboot, 22 Jump Street as well as other comedic hits such as The Wolf of Wall Street and War Dogs!


Delirious will mark Eddie’s return to his signature style of raunchy but hilarious sketches about life growing up with African American and Jewish heritage! Eddie Murphy: Delirious was written by Eddie himself along with Arsenio Hall who hosted ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ from 1989 until 1994!”

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Release Date Speculations for the upcoming Netflix Comedy

Murphy and Jonah Hill Team-Up for a New Netflix Comedy! Eddie Murphy returns to his classic style of comedy with Eddie Murphy.

Eddie will also star alongside comedian Jonah Hill. The series is still untitled and we do not have many details about it. Especially the release date is UNKNOWN! We can neither speculate nor predict a release date, month, or even year. Since we don’t know what’s exactly cooking here.

Plot Details for the New Netflix Comedy Eddie

Eddie also stars alongside comedian Jonah in the upcoming comedy. Eddie’s character, still unnamed, is described as an ‘inappropriate dad’ who causes trouble on his vacation with his family. Eddie has been MIA from the film since his 2016 disaster ‘Mr. Church’ which didn’t do so well at the box office.

Dolemite Is My Name' Review: Eddie Murphy's Raw, Joyful Netflix Movie | IndieWire

Source: Vanity

As expected from both of these comedians, we can only assume it to be HILARIOUS. But will you guys watch? Let us know below! Will this be Eddie’s comeback? We think so too 😉

Cast News and Updates for the Netflix’s Untitled Comedy

Eddie will be playing an inappropriate dad this time around. Eddie Murphy stars alongside Jonah Hill in the upcoming ‘Untitled Comedy’ which has just added Craig Robinson (The Office, Hot Tub Time Machine) and Chris Rock!

Some of the speculated cast and crew is:

  • Eddie Murphy – Cast Member
  • Jonah Hill – Cast Member
  • Kenya Barris – Director
  • Michelle Deschamp – Executive Producer
  • Matt Dines – Executive Producer
  • Andy Berman – Executive Producer
  • David Hyman – Executive Producer
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