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Netflix’s Mini-Series Clickbait: Plot Details, Reviews, And Ratings!

Netflix's Clickbait Review

Netflix’s mini-series Clickbait is their latest release, and it follows the story of a man who works at his father’s newspaper company and becomes obsessed with finding out what really happened to his favorite TV show. Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Keep reading for more information about this production!

About the American-Australian Mini-Series “Clickbait”

Netflix Original productions are all the rage these days. Netflix has gotten into binge-watching by releasing many Netflix originals through their platform that range from a variety of genres such as comedy to drama to action to even mystery. Their latest release is no exception with this mini-series – Netflix clickbait!

“Clickbait” Release Date

Netflix released Netflix clickbait worldwide on August 25th, 2021. The six-episode series stars Brooke Markham and Dougie Baldwin as the lead characters that are joined by a star-studded cast. The plot was also very fascinating for many. If you haven’t watched the series yet, I suggest watching it first! You might find SPOILERS ahead!

“Clickbait” Plot Summary and Storyline

This Netflix original follows two strangers who meet online via an app called Clickbait, which is similar to other dating apps out there, such as Tinder or Grindr. However, this Netflix version has some interesting features when it comes to connecting people with each other. The main feature of Clickbait is its ability to predict a user’s “perfect match” based on their interests and Netflix preference.

Clickbait Review: Adrian Grenier Netflix miniseries lives up to its name – J99news

Source: J99

Within the first few minutes, viewers are immediately thrown into the action with two strangers: Alice, who doesn’t believe in online dating apps or anything like that but has been pushed by her friends for months; and Plo (Dougie Baldwin), an avid Netflix fan who loves watching shows about aliens. The series starts off with these two meetings via Clickbait at a coffee shop, where they have both decided to meet up after what seems like weeks of chatting through this app.

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Reviews and Ratings for “Clickbait”

“Clickbait” is a Netflix original series that has been praised; for its creative plot and development Netflix, as well as its ability to connect; with audiences from all over the world. The seres are receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews. It currently holds a rating of five stars out of four in Netflix Canada, which means users who have watched “Clickbait” loved it!

Netflix rates their shows based on user ratings so they can determine how many people enjoyed watching this show. Compared to other television shows available at the time Clickbait was released, viewers were more likely to watch this new Netflix series compared to anything else because of its interesting Netflix-specific marketing campaign. Netflix’s use of clickbait was clearly successful in gaining attention and encouraging word-of-mouth.

“Clickbait”‘s plot is relatively straightforward, following the lives of a group of friends. As they navigate their complicated love lives, but it does have some interesting twists. And turns along the way that will keep you watching until; the very end! The show also gives an inside look at how social media; can affect relationships today (through Instagram and Facebook).

“Clickbait” Spectacular Star Cast

The series’ had a specific Netflix clickbait strategy of only releasing the first episode for free online as well as just releasing it all at once instead of having weekly episodes like many Netflix shows have done in the past. This tactic, combined with Netflix’s very successful marketing campaign, has already made this one of their most successful original mini-series to date!


The cast includes some big names such as:

  • Adrian Grenier
  • Betty Gabriel
  • Zoe Kazan
  • Elizabeth Alexander
  • Ian Meadows
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