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“Interview With The Vampire” Series On AMC – What Can We Expect?

Interview with the Vampire Series on AMC

In a recent interview with Interview Magazine, the series director of Interview with the Vampire revealed what we could expect from the AMC adaptation. Adapting Interview with Interview into an episodic format while staying true to its literary roots is a tall order and one that should be taken seriously.

About the AMC Series “Interview with the Vampire”

Interview with the Vampire is a famous horror novel by Anne Rice which was published in 1976.

The interview has been adapted into film successfully twice, first came out in 1994 starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. The other one, released last year (2018), stars James McAvoy as Lestat de Lioncourt and is directed by Neil Jordan.

The interview’s story spans many years showing how vampires see themselves; as superior beings who suffer inner conflict; between the human nature that they have buried within them; for centuries but can resurface from time to time, making these creatures of the night; feel guilty over what they did to survive; this makes Interview’s plot very complex adding more depth to its characters’ development.


“Interview with the Vampire” AMC Series – Based on a Novel or Film?

“Interview with the Vampire” is not a new television show. But it’s actually based on Interview With The Vampire, which was published in 1976. It also marked an era of glamorization; of vampires as seen by its protagonist Lestat de Lioncourt who is one of history’s most famous characters; to be turned into a vampire – he became so popular that it inspired other films and TV shows; such as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

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The Interview with the Vampire series, which is based on the Interview With The Vampire book. And movie franchise will take place in New Orleans. It might be set in modern times or even earlier time periods. But it’s more likely that the show will also feature some flashbacks to resemble its predecessor.

AMC Release Date Speculations for the “Interview with the Vampire” Series

We do not have any particular release date for the series yet. It is safe to assume that it will be released in September or October 2022 since they are the main months for TV show premieres. The Interview with the Vampire series might air on Sunday nights, just like its predecessor back when it was still airing, and “Fear of the Walking Dead” currently airs at this time slot.

“Interview with the Vampire” Series Plot Predictions

We can expect a similar plot to the Interview with the Vampire book, following Lestat as he takes Louis under his wing. We might also get to see Claudia and Armand again in flashbacks or through other characters’ perspectives since they are key players in Interview with the Vampire too.

Interview with a Vampire AMC limited series to launch Anne Rice universe | GamesRadar+


Will there be any major plot twists in the series?

It’s hard to say since Interview with the Vampire is one of those novels that you never know what will happen next. There are some major plot twists in Interview, though, so it might be interesting if they decide to incorporate these into their series adaptation. It would certainly make for good TV!

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Cast and Crew Updates for “Interview with the Vampire” AMC Series

Who is Cast for the “Interview with the Vampire” Series?

We do not have any cast announcements yet, but there’s one strong hint that Alexander Skarsgard will be among them!

Since Interview was cast relatively early on before its release date (the author even said he had a specific actor in mind when writing Louis), we can expect them to cast most of their characters; ahead of time too. We saw this happening during Fear The Walking Dead, where they announced actors left and right as soon as possible – especially once trailers started coming out because fans were speculating.

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