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Henry Cavill Talks About His Hamstring Injury On Set! Know Everything Here

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Henry Cavill may be starring in one of the most anticipated movies of all time, but his journey to get there wasn’t easy. Cavill recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly and talked about how he injured his hamstring on set! Henry shared that it happened during a sprinting scene. And the injury was so bad that he had to wear a brace; while filming, he couldn’t do anything strenuous! He is still recovering from this injury today- check out what else Henry had to say about it in the article below.

About the actor Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is a British actor. Henry’s most notable films include The Count of Monte Cristo, Immortals, and Man from UNCLE. Henry has been in the acting business since 2004, when he first starred as Charles Brandon on Showtime’s long-running series, The Tudors!

Has Henry Cavill's Leg Injury Affected The Witcher Season 2??? When will Geralt of Rivia be back onscreen???

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Henry Cavill talks about his hamstring injury on set!

Cavill recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly and talked about how he injured his hamstring. The injury was so bad that Henry needed to wear a brace during filming, making the rest of the day’s work strenuous. Henry is currently recovering from the damage still today after sitting out for six weeks due to medical advice following complications arising from a Man of Steel press tour.

The interview discusses how Henry injured his hamstring during filming for Mission Impossible Fallout. Despite that, he was able to finish filming and even do some other scenes (you can see him wearing a brace!) He also shared how he thinks an upcoming Superman movie would be amazing because it will show Henryw’s vulnerability. Henry also shares his opinion about the Superman cameo in Justice League.

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Is he getting better now?

It feels like Henry Cavill is getting back into shape; these days, thanks to a new Instagram post that features; him hitting the gym before he appears on The Graham Norton Show; tomorrow night!  The actor, who has been recovering from a severe hamstring injury; for more than six weeks now after injuring himself while shooting Mission: Impossible Fallout last summer, posted an image of himself doing some intense exercises; as well below with the caption “getting ready” which should surely excite fans worried about Henry’s health.


Henry Cavill Upcoming Projects

Henry Cavill stars as Superman in Justice League

The actor Henry Cavill will star as Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, for the upcoming film The Current War. It’s set to be released on November 24th, 2017, by 20th Century Fox and tells the story of a battle between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse over who would electrify America first.

I have been away from my blog post for too long! I need to get back to it! But here are some more things that Henry has coming up: he’ll appear alongside Tom Cruise again in Mission Impossible Fallout come next year; judging from his injury last summer; while filming MI: Fallout (Henry hurt himself during an intense stunt sequence), we can expect Henry to do a lot of his own stunts; in the film. Henry also recently wrapped production; on Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher, playing titular character Geralt – and he has just finished shooting with the director; Danny Boyle for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation!

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Earlier this year, Henry Cavill revealed that he had injured himself while filming scenes for ‘Mission Impossible file fallout in London’s Royal Marines training camp when attempting an over 160ft long jump from one building into another across a canyon. Henry spent some time out with what was reported as “a bad strain to my lower leg.”


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