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Bo Burnham Quits LA Lakers Series On HBO – All Latest Updates!

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HBO has been making waves in the media industry, and Bo Burnham is no exception. Bo was featured on their hit TV show “The Shop.” Bo recently quit HBO’s series, LA Lakers. Bo will not be a part of this series anymore due to creative differences with the producers of the show. For more information about Bo Burnham quitting LA Lakers Series on HBO – All Latest Updates!, check out our post below!

About the HBO Series “LA Lakers”

The show is about Bo Burnham and his life with the LA Lakers. Bo follows around players like LeBron James, Kyle Kuzma, and many more to see what their daily lives are like as professional basketball players. Bo also interviews other people for the show; some of them include actors Bradley Cooper and Michael B Jordan.

Bo Burnham quits LA Lakers Series on HBO

Bo said that it is hard not being able to say what you want, so this time around, Bo is stepping away from acting or writing for any more seasons. He also confirmed in an interview that other projects are coming up soon but did not share specifics about those projects as well.

HBO has been making waves in the media industry, and Bo Burnham is no exception. Bo’s Bojack Horseman Season Four is scheduled for release next month and Bo’s special “What Now?” will be on Netflix this November. Bo wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the latter which was filmed at The Fillmore Philadelphia last year.


The LA Lakers Series is a comedy about two young Laker fans who are faced with a dilemma: whether to continue their passion or give up because their team has been so unsuccessful for over 20 years now. It seems that Bo Burnham quit of this series anymore due to creative differences with the producers of the show.”

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Why did Bo Burman quit the series?

Bo posted on Twitter that he was quitting HBO’s series “LA Lakers.” The reason behind this decision seemed to be creative differences between Bo and the producers of the show. It seems that they were not seeing eye-to-eye in terms of filming style or content production – so it looks like there will be no second season coming up!

Bo Burnham exits HBO's Los Angeles Lakers series


Bo said that he loved the team, but he needed to move on. He has been working extensively with HBO to produce his stand-up specials and other projects. Bo said that he wanted to focus more on “creating things” rather than being a part of someone else’s project; this is why Bo left the series.

Release Date for  LA Lakers Series on HBO

The series has no specific release date as of now. Though the release date speculation is of 2022, an official release date has not been finalized. However, fans all over the world are drooling for this HBO series.

LA Lakers Series Storyline and Plot Details

The show is about Bo Burnham’s days as the LA Lakers’ general manager. He has to deal with issues such as roster changes, injuries, and just day-to-day life as a GM; in the NBA. Bo will be portraying himself through this series and all of his trademark humor is expected to appear on the screen.


He confirmed his decision with a tweet and said he’s taking on other projects instead like writing more stand-up comedy acts for Netflix or an album. His announcement came two months after he signed up for this project which had been described as a “satire” about life inside one of America’s most famous sports franchises.” Bo Burnham has made no statement yet regarding whether or not the series would still release in 2022 but it seems highly unlikely.

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