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Barbara Broccoli Tells Fans Not To Expect A James Bond TV Show On Amazon!

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James Bond fans were excited to hear Amazon is developing a TV show. Barbara Broccoli, the producer of the James Bond films, has now told people not to expect it on Amazon. The producers are still looking for the right network or platform, and Barbara said she would rather “wait until we have all our ducks in a row” before announcing anything more substantial about the project.

Barbara also said that they want to find “the best ways possible” for it to be successful because it will take time and money away from other projects if there’s another failure like with Casino Royale (2006).

About the original James Bond TV Show

In the 1990s, Eon Productions and ITC Entertainment developed a James Bond television show. The series was to be produced by Barbara Broccoli’s father, Albert “Cubby” Broccoli (1909-1996), but it ultimately fell through; due to legal problems with MGM/UA Communications co-owner Kevin McClory. Michael G Wilson had also been in talks with David Frost about taking part in the project as well.

I looked at Barbara when he said that Amazon is developing this TV show. And just laughed inside my head because they’re not doing anything worthwhile; anyway, so why bother? But then again, I did think of how Barbara has always wanted for there to be more spy movies or TV shows. So maybe he has something up his sleeve. Barbara said that he would not be involved in the TV show and also did not comment on any of the cast members, so I think we’ll hear about casting sooner rather than later.


Producer Barbara Broccoli tells fans not to expect a James Bond TV Show on Amazon!

Barbara Broccoli tells fans not to expect a James Bond TV Show on Amazon! Broccoli, the producer of all recent James Bond films, has revealed that an Amazon-produced series is being developed. Barbara spoke with Radio Times and said that she would not be involved in the production or casting process.

James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli reveals if 007 could ever be a woman


“I’m sure it will be very successful,” Barbara told Radio Times about the new project. “The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for my coming into this job. Because MGM was going through bankruptcy, we had no partners; then suddenly, here comes these guys from Hollywood, wanting to invest in us; I think they are sharp people who know what they’re doing.”

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Character Analysis: Who was James Bond?

James Bond (a kan Agent 0087) first appeared on screen as a character played by Scottish actor Sean Connery in 1962s Dr. (1962).

James Bond is a fictional British agent working for MI-Five in London. He has the status of 00x, which means that he’s non-covert, and his identity can be recognized by anyone. His duties primarily involve being dispatched on dangerous missions to kill people who threaten Britain or its allies.

Will there be a James Bond show on Amazon?

As Barbara Broccoli tells fans not to expect a James Bond TV Show on Amazon, it seems as though the spy franchise will be sticking with what works for now. Barbara is one of the producers behind all 25 movies in which Daniel Craig played 00x and has also started production on two more films starring him. It was rumored that Barbara might consider taking her work to streaming services like Netflix or Disney+, but she says this isn’t happening anytime soon: “No.”


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