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Dylan O’Brien First-Look And Official Updates From “Not Okay” Movie On Hulu!

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Dylan O’Brien is back on the big screen in “Not Okay,” a movie that has Dylan playing a character who is struggling to cope with the aftermath of his parents’ messy divorce. Dylan’s character finds himself living with his father and feeling like he doesn’t have any friends at school.

Fans will be able to enjoy Dylan in this film when it debuts on Hulu starting November 1st! This first look was shared by Entertainment Weekly, so check out their article for more details about Dylan’s new movie!

About the Movie “Not Okay”

The film will be available on Hulu starting November, but it doesn’t have a set release date yet! Dylan plays the lead role in “Not Okay,” and he also served as the producer of this movie.

Dylan’s co-stars include Melissa Benoist, who you might know from Glee or Supergirl! She’ll play Dylan’s high school ex-girlfriend. “Not Okay” has been compared to Garden State because of its honest portrayal of depression, anxiety, and addiction issues among adolescents today.


The movie is written and directed by Quinn Shephard.

Dylan O'Brien Is Unrecognizable In A New Image For Hulu's Not Okay


“Not Okay” Movie Release Date Predictions

Many Dylan O’Brien fans are wondering when the movie will be available on Hulu, and we have a few predictions.

The film is set to be released in November, but it doesn’t have a release date yet! A close guess would probably be around late October or early November – which isn’t too far away from now. The trailer was released at the end of September, so chances are “Not Okay” could come out soon!

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We can’t wait for Dylan’s new movie to finally air on Hulu this fall with Dylan as our lead actor!!

Plot Updates and Speculated Storyline for “Not Okay” Movie

Fans are wondering if Dylan will be playing the vigilante-type character or a helpless victim.


Some have speculated that Dylan is portraying someone who has lost his girlfriend and tries to get revenge on her murderer, while others think he’s an innocent bystander wrongfully accused of murder! With Dylan being such an expressive actor, we can’t wait to see what role he’ll take in this movie!!

The plot of Dylan’s upcoming film Not Okay has been kept vaguely under wraps, so fans are eager for any information they can find about it. In anticipation, Dylan shared some first-looks at his character and the film from a recent interview, describing it as a “crazy thriller” with dark humor. Dylan has described Not Okay as about:

  • A vigilante type of guy whose girlfriend is killed in front of him, and he goes out for revenge on her killer.
  • Innocent bystander wrongfully accused of murder.

We’re dying to know more! In another interview, Dylan revealed that Not Okay would be available exclusively on Hulu – so make sure you subscribe now if you want to catch this movie when it premieres later this year!! We can’t wait to see what Dylan brings us next!!!

“Not Okay” Movie Star Cast News

The movie has an amazing list of actors working on this project alongside our beloved Dylan. Howsoever, if we explain Dylan’s first look, he looks really dashing and attractive in his new blonde hair color.

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The other actors we can expect to see in the movie are:

  • Zoey Deutch
  • Dylan O’Brien
  • Embeth Davidtz
  • Negin Farsad
  • Dash Perry
  • Karan Soni

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