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Army of Thieves: Zack Snyder’s Upcoming Project For Netflix

army of the dead

The makers of Army of the Dead have created a prequel movie called Army of Thieves. Directed by Matthias Schweighöfer, Army of Thieves is the second installment in Zack Snyder’s Netflix zombie franchise. And while the first film focused on a group of survivors fighting back against zombies who have taken over Las Vegas, this one follows a single character from 2021 as he struggles to find his partner and child.

Army of Thieves Release Date Details:

Netflix announced in July 2021 that the collective’s first teaser trailer for their upcoming film premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con, with a full release expected by Netflix in 2021.

In the special panel, the team discussed how their upcoming prequel would be the third genre away from what they are known for producing.

Army of the Dead Prequel Movie Title Confirmed As Army Of Thieves

Source: Screen

“This is more of a romantic, comedy heist film than anything else,” said Deborah Snyder. “It just happens to live in a world where zombies cause the banking system some instability.”

Army of Thieves Cast Details:

  • Matthias Schweighöfer as Ludwig Dieter
  • Nathalie Emmanuel as Gwendoline
  • Guz Khan as Rolph
  • Ruby O. Fee as Korina
  • Stuart Martin as Brad Cage
  • Jonathan Cohen as Delacroix
  • Noemie Nakai as Beatrix
  • Peter Simonischek
  • John Bubniak as Christopher

Army of Thieves Plot Synopsis:

Army of Thieves takes place six years before the main Army of the Dead story and focuses on Ludwig Dieter’s team instead. There are few zombies in this movie because it follows a small group mainly consisting of businessmen who rely on money to survive, rather than a military post where everyone lives off post.

She also describes Army of Thieves as “a romantic comedy, heist movie” and implies that audiences will learn much more about the protagonist during his budding relationship with Gwendoline.

Ludwig is the protagonist of this prequel, which focuses on his globe-trotting adventures with the rest of his fellow thieves. It’s not clear if any of Ludwig’s gang will be setting foot in Sin City in the Army of Thieves, but there is a reference to undead in the trailer.


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