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Rumors Say Fans Will See Adam Sandler And Jennifer Aniston In Murder Mystery 2!

murder mystery 2

The sequel to Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston’s first murder mystery, Murder Mystery 2, is speculated to be filmed this year. Adam Sandler stated in an interview that he would like for the two of them to reprise their roles. “Murder Mystery was a lot of fun,” says Adam, “I loved working with Jen.” Adam also mentioned that it would be hard work, but they are excited about the idea and hope it works out.

About the Original Movie “Murder Mystery”

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston star as a successful married couple who become prime suspects in the grisly murder of Adam’s boss (played by Terry Crews) during their lavish European vacation.

In “Murder Mystery,” Adam plays Nick Spitz – an overworked chef living in New York City with his wife Jacqueline (Jennifer). When Nick invites his rich friend Dave to stay at their house for some peace while he takes care of business abroad, they find themselves framed for Dave’s death after returning from Europe on what was supposed to be a relaxing holiday getaway.

Murder Mystery 2 Renewal with Netflix

Rumors say Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston won’t be the only members of their central cast returning to star in Murder Mystery Season Two. Netflix is reportedly currently negotiating with Luke Evans. The renewal would see Adam back at work on set this summer, according to Deadline Hollywood Daily!


Murder Mystery 2 Release Date Expectations

There is no word on when it will be released, but we can expect Adam back at work this summer, according to Deadline Hollywood Daily!

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In recent updates announced by Deadline Hollywood Daily, Adam was asked about his thoughts; on the new release date for Movie Two. And if he would continue with the project, as planned or not. Adam replied that “this has been one of my favorite experiences I have ever had in entertainment.” It looks like Adam will stay for a bit longer; while they wait out negotiations; with other cast members Luke Evans.

Potential Storyline and Plot Details for Murder Mystery 2

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are rumored to be reprising their roles for Adam’s new movie, Murder Mystery Two. Adam will once again play Nick Sax while Jennifer is set to return as Detective Heather Anderson. As we know from the first installment of the series, Adam’s character has a flair for getting himself in trouble with law enforcement, and his latest escapades have landed him behind bars!

Adam Sandler's Murder Mystery 2 Is Finally Moving Forward At Netflix - CINEMABLEND

The sequel picks up three years after the events of Murderer Mystery One when fans see Adam escape captivity, elude police; by leaping from roof-to-roof; like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, then teaming up with ex-girlfriend (Jennifer), who was on vacation; at the time he broke out – just your average day in the life of Adam Sandler.

The original Murder Mystery was a surprise hit with critics and audiences alike, earning Adam his first Golden Globe nomination for Best Lead Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy since 1998’s The Wedding Singer!


Adam escapes captivity then teams up again ex-girlfriend (Jennifer), who was vacationing when he broke out.

Murder Mystery 2 Star Cast Predictions

Adam Sandler will be the lead in a murder mystery film. A policeman who has been suspended from duty because of his drinking problem is framed for killing his wife by an unknown killer.


However, we are expecting a lot of familiar faces from the first movie.

Some of the predicted stars for Murder Mystery 2 are:

  • Adam Sandler as Nick Spitz
  • Jennifer Aniston as Audrey Spitz
  • Luke Evans as Charles Cavendish
  • Dany Boon as Inspector de la Croix
  • Terence Stamp as Malcolm Quince

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