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Powerpuff Girls Live-Action: Chloe Bennet Leaves The Role Of Blossom!

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Actress Chloe Bennet has stepped down as one of the leads in The CW’s live-action pilot based on “The Powerpuff Girls,” Variety has learned exclusively.

With the series originally titled “Powerpuff,” Bennett was set to star in this live-action remake as Blossom. The show will not be given a fall air date after a pilot that CW president and chief Mark Pedowitz called “a mess.”

Powerpuff Girls Live-Action Latest Updates:

The CW Network’s Powerpuff Girls live-action series just lost one of its main stars. With the departure of actress Chloe Bennet from The Powerpuff Girls Live-Action Series, Blossom is gone. The series, tentatively titled Blossom and set to follow Bennett’s (the human incarnation of the show’s original hero) older sisters, ended when its creator was arrested on charges of domestic violence.

The CW's 'Powerpuff Girls' Star Chloe Bennet Exits Show – The Hollywood  Reporter

Source: The Hollywood

The CW’s live-action series based on the Powerpuff Girls is reportedly looking for replacements of two key characters before it hits production. The CW’s “Powerpuff Girls” live-action series is off to a good start even though one of the co-stars, Mayim Bialik, will not be returning as Blossom.

The CW’s Powerpuff Girls live-action adaptation has hit a few snags since it was first announced. Blossom, one of the key players in the show and voiced by overseas pop star Pee-Wee Ros, left the project this week amidst creative differences.


After a recent departure, the CW’s live-action series adaptation of Powerpuff Girls has yet another hurdle to face. Bennet, who also served as one of the executive producers for the show, will no longer be working on this project.

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CW’s Powerpuff Girls live-action series will reportedly no longer focus on the adventures of Blossom but those of her sister Bubbles instead.

Bennett, who was playing Blossom, was said to be perfect in every way and led to her being very anxious and shy as a child. There’s no word yet on who will replace Bennett for the pilot reshoot.

According to a studio source, Warner Bros. Television wanted Bennet to extend her option on the show as they reworked it for its initial pilot. However, scheduling conflicts prevented this from occurring and caused Bennet’s exit from the series. Casting for a new third Powerpuff Girl will commence in November.


Sources have confirmed that the CW has picked up rights to a live-action adaptation of Cartoon Network’s earlier series, The Powerpuff Girls. Three twentysomethings will play the crime-fighting superheroes who grew up in New Townsville and resent their turns on fighting crime.

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