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Prequel Session 9: What It’s About? Know The Latest Details

prequel session 9

20 years after anyone was killed by the therapist, Brad Anderson teases more ideas about a prequel movie. The Director of the cult classic horror film, Session 9, discusses ideas for a prequel.

After the release of Session 9, Brad Anderson’s directorial debut in 2001, there were times when he would joke with Paul Guilfoyle or Peter Mullan if they could conceive what happened prior to their arrival at West Hills. 20 years later, it appears that everything has been answered as Universal Pictures will be releasing a prequel.

Prequel Session 9 Story Details:

The movie is about an asbestos cleanup crew working in an abandoned mental hospital. Tensions between the men rise as their horrifying past begins to plague them.

Session 9 Prequel Movie Story Idea Teased By Director

Source: Screen

Even though the film failed to make a large amount of money when it was first released, over time, its reputation grew, and now it’s viewed as an atmospheric horror movie. Despite garnering little success in theaters, it found an audience over the decades through DVD and word of mouth.

Since the release of Session 9, he has taken on different projects such as Transsiberian and The Machinist, which became notorious for Christian Bale’s weight fluctuation. However, Session 9 has endured with audiences.


Kristopher Whiteley of Fangoria interviewed both T. S. Anderson and Brad Gevedon about the legacy of Session 9, including a prequel that they’re pitching for the 20-year anniversary.

They want to release a prequel film called “Session 1”, which would focus on Mary Hobbes. Since the therapist’s sessions were the central focus in Session 9, she would be a logical character choice for this story.

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Focus Features owned the rights to Session 9, and Anderson and Gevendon were told, even before their pitch, that “we don’t normally allow filmmakers to make sequels or prequels to our movies.” However, they did not go for the pitch.

As Anderson put it, “we got caught up in the legal, and so now we’re left with this really cool idea that has a lot of potentials. The producers and money that want to come in and make it can’t because of a legal loophole.”


Anderson and Gevendon are keen to make the film, but it appears that at present, there is little appetite from studios. Their passion for the project means they can’t be 100% certain that a post-script won’t ever see the light of day. Fans of Anderson next have three projects to watch.

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