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Don’t Breathe Director Rodo Sayagues Talks About Future Sequel Speculations!

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Rodo Sayagues, the director of “Don’t Breathe,” has talked about sequel speculations for the film. The director was recently interviewed by Variety, and he said that they are currently working on a script for a sequel! Rodo didn’t reveal any other information about the film, but we expect it to be just as thrilling as the first movie.

About the movie “Don’t Breathe.”

Don’t Breathe is a 2016 American horror-thriller film written and directed by Rodo Sayagues. The movie stars Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto, Janice Chaikelson, and Stephen Lang. It was released in the United States on August 26th, 2016. Don’t Breathe tells the story of three friends who plan to rob a house belonging to an old blind man for money so that they can pay back their debt, but things quickly turn sour when they are confronted with someone scarier than them: Death itself!

Don’t Breathe director Rodo Sayagues talks about future sequel speculations!

Bailey is back! In this sequel novel set after the events of the film, Rodo Sayagues takes us on yet another ride through horror as we now view things from her perspective and see what it was like for this young woman who had been lured into Quill’s trap to be tortured and locked away deep inside his home.

Don't Breathe 2 Filmmakers on the Increased Intensity of the Sequel


What are your thoughts on a potential “Don’t Breathe” sequel?

I like to think of this film as something that could happen only once. This is not the kind of story you can tell again and expect it to have the same impact, but if I had another great idea for an original horror movie, then maybe we would talk about it.

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Rodo Says (Director): Don’t Breathe Sequel Might Happen If He Has Another Great Idea For An Original Horror Movie.


What can we expect from the movie?

We are never going to see someone as terrifying in a horror movie again, Rodo says. “I think it is something that happens once and has an impact.” Could there be another? Don’t Breathe sequel? Rodo Says (Director): don’t count on it if you want the same effect! But he’s happy with what they made so far…

Don’t Breathe 2 Official Release Date

I think if you are going to do a sequel, it needs a new story and something different. I don’t want to repeat myself, so I would need an idea that’s good enough for me to go back and be excited about the project again. Rodo Says (Director)

Therefore, the movie is set to release on 13th August 2021.

Potential Plot Details for Don’t Breathe 2

The book takes place after the events of the film. It tells us how Bailey was able to escape Quill’s home, her life during these months, and why she goes back for revenge. From this point, everything becomes uncertain; will she be able to kill Quill, and will she finally find peace?


In the book, Rodo Sayagues reveals how much he loved writing a story that features Quill and Bailey. He also said in an interview with Deadline Hollywood: “I would love to do another project with Stephen Lang.”

Star Cast Updates for Don’t Breathe 2

All the actors are still on board, so they will have a great time playing their parts again if Rodo decides to make Don’t Breathe a trilogy.

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Lang is more than happy to come back as he told Variety Magazine that it was one of his favorite roles ever due to its complexity and originality.

  • Madelyn Grace
  • Stephen Lang
  • Brendan Sexton III
  • Adam Young
  • Rocci Williams
  • Stephanie Arcila

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